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Three Keys to Securing Equipment

three keys

Technology in the digital revolution is changing at a dizzying pace.  Schools invest in expensive equipment for both administrative and teaching purposes.  Unoccupied schools make a high-value, soft target for thieves.   The thieves may have a personal need or may sell stolen equipment for cash.  Regardless of the reason, theft can be a major, unplanned expense.  Schools should invest in a security system to protect their investment.

  1. Thieves will often case the school looking for smash-n-grab items. Staff should keep all technology equipment out of sight. When possible, do not locate labs or storage rooms on the ground floor or near an entrance. When not in use.
  • Keep all window blinds closed during unoccupied periods of time.
  • Lock the windows and doors.
  • Use the closets and/or cupboards to keep high value items out of sight.

2. Lock your equipment down.  Consider these deterrents to equipment theft:

  • Use cable locks.
  • Use locked carts and locked metal cages. Keep the wheels on the cart locked when not in motion.
  • Instruct students and staff to secure personal equipment that isn’t in use. 
  • Install an access control system on storage rooms.

3. Take steps to secure your school building. Surveillance video security systems not only record but can deter criminal activities.  Thieves are less likely to target a property with surveillance video cameras. installing:

  • Automatic door locks on exterior doors.
  • Shatter-proof glass on all windows.
  • Motion detectors that activate bright lights.
  • Surveillance video camera system at key points around the building.
  • Surveillance video cameras pointed at inner doors leading to expensive equipment.
  • An audible alarm system with a connection to a monitoring service.  When available use a monitoring service that can dispatch local police to the scene.

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