Who Generates Fear in Schools?

There is a short list of topics that are highly volatile in conversations: politics, religion, money – and children.

Educators know that it’s true about the mother lioness – she’s ferocious. In the case of a lioness, it’s usually a situation where her cub is in physical danger that she becomes ferocious. In the case of human parents and their children, it’s not quite so black and white.

School administrators and educators are challenged by parents with different expectations, perceptions, and demands. And sometimes parents become irate and threaten, or worse, become violent. And sad to say, the incidence of violent outbursts are increasing.
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A Path to Security Modernization

Security, like everything else in business, evolves and changes, or at least the equipment does. Technology advances and makes everything faster and easier, but it also makes change necessary.

Here at Conzer Security we get calls from CEOs and plant managers. They explain in exasperated tones that they installed security equipment 20 years ago and they know their manufacturing facility is being protected by out-of-date technology. In the next breath they add that their budgets can’t be stretched to cover the cost of replacing it all – and they don’t know what to do.

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