Learn the Lessons about School Security

School staff and administrators look forward to seeing the shining, smiling faces of their students each morning. They are ready to greet their charges, listen to new stories, and answer sincere questions. They also carry on their shoulders the weight of protecting those little people – and each other – in the face of an active shooter situation or other emergencies.

Schools reach out to local law enforcement and other self-defense organizations to help them define and structure a response to immediate threat of violence. They also look to security professionals, like us here at Conzer Security, for assistance in making their schools safe.

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An ‘Under the Radar’ Perk of a Security Camera System

If you read along with our blog, you know that Conzer Security is not your typical security company. No, we look at security as a business-wide endeavor that has to do with a lot of different aspects of your company including safety, asset protection, process improvement and different ways of utilizing your people and equipment.

Fact of the matter is that we see security as a broad umbrella that helps businesses grow, improve, cut costs and find ways to be more profitable. For that reason, we are always on the lookout for applications that might seem out of the box for many – and love to share them with clients and potential clients.

Today I want to share something that we think about often, but have found that other business professionals are surprised when we mention it.
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