Prom and Underage Drinking

Prom season is almost upon us and we want our high school students to have a great time but safety is always a concern at this time of year.  Here are some sobering statistics about prom night and student drinking:

  • 90% of students believe classmates will drink and drive.
  • Alcohol is involved in almost 1/3 of student road accident fatalities.
  • 54% of students will have four or more drinks on prom night.
  • About 5,000 students under age 21 die from incidents of under-age drinking in the United States each year

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Think for a moment about a symphony orchestra. There are many written parts and the musicians and instruments are used to play those parts in a very specific way in order to deliver a fantastic performance. It is very much the same in manufacturing. Manufacturing businesses thrive on smooth, efficient operations to create valuable products for customers. Continue reading HOW A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS IS LIKE A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA


You had a little down time and decided to take a look at the video surveillance security camera monitor. After looking at your computer monitor it suddenly occurred to you that what you were seeing on the camera monitor wasn’t very clear. If you had to use that footage to identify a person, you aren’t convinced that would be possible – and isn’t that the one of the primary purposes of having video surveillance cameras in place?
At that juncture Conzer Security suggests you ask yourself two questions:

  • When was the last time the video surveillance security cameras were cleaned and maintained?
  • How long ago were the video surveillance security cameras installed?

Security camera equipment maintenance

You should consider video surveillance security cameras as a component of your maintenance schedule. Just like the equipment and technology that is used in product manufacturing on production lines in plants everywhere, cameras and the network structure behind them must be maintained.

Blurry or fuzzy footage could simply be the result of dirty lenses. A routine cleaning can make a huge improvement on what can be seen on footage. This is especially important in two applications: exterior cameras and in manufacturing settings. The dust and dirt in these environments can build up quickly reducing the clarity of what is recorded.

Keeping the mechanics clean and maintained also increases the longevity and performance of cameras that pan areas. If the pivot on the camera mount gets overly dirty and grimy, it can seize, which means the camera can no longer pan the area as you want. Not only does that mean it is not performing as you want, it also means that the equipment is stressed.

The best solutions is to make sure that your video surveillance security camera equipment is included in a regular maintenance schedule.


Security camera updates

Security, especially in light of advancing technology is not a “once and done” proposition. Think of it like your cell phone. What was that device like five years ago? Can you say flip phone? How about that 3-pounder with the hard 3-inch antenna? You know that you wouldn’t be caught with one of those by your side today – and worse, they wouldn’t work. And that’s the most important bottom line. Old, outdated video surveillance security cameras aren’t compatible with the speed and processing power that is needed to function within the fast-paced environment that powers business and the world now.

If your video surveillance security cameras were installed more than 10 years ago, consider all that has changed with evolving technology. It’s not just the video surveillance security camera itself, it is the network structure behind it, too. Just like the mobile phones of the past are outdated, your structured cabling network could be out of date, too.

But we are talking mostly about the video surveillance security cameras here. Camera equipment itself has advanced dramatically. Higher resolution cameras make the images on your footage sharper and much clearer. Again, compare the TV of your youth with the HD TVs that are probably hanging in your home. No comparison, right? Plus, with the addition of infrared capabilities, night vision and image quality from new video surveillance security cameras are so much better.

Which do you want protecting one of your greatest assets? Or, more precisely, what level of technology do you NEED protecting your inventory, people, and facility?

Conzer Security has been in the security business for a long time and we have worked through the technological evolutions that are still on-going. We also understand the budget constraints and pain that the cost of advancing developments cause your industry. That’s why we help develop short- and long-term plans that keep you abreast of the changes and on the path to implementation that is fiscally responsible for your organization.

Here at Conzer Security we don’t believe in installing equipment and walking out the door leaving you to fend for yourself. We see security as an investment protecting your investment. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with the best security equipment for your purpose and the knowledge and support of an experienced team behind it. Contact Conzer Security at 317-580-9460. Let’s see what we can do together.