Like Riding A Bike… Sort of

Just like keeping the chain on your bicycle greased prevents it from seizing and breaking, maintaining your security equipment keeps your operation moving smoothly and forward.

Security Systems do not last forever. As new security risks arise, technology moves forward to mitigate those risks. Here are some examples of how protection begins to deteriorate and how your protection can be extended. Continue reading Like Riding A Bike… Sort of

Sizing Up Risk

Does your stomach take a flip when you begin thinking about how to protect your plant or facility from theft – either physical assets or intellectual property?

It is a huge concern that touches businesses of all sizes and in all industries. If someone isn’t out to actually steal from you, someone else is out there willing to disrupt your business through technology. You know that’s true because you talk to your peers and everyone has a story – or is waiting for their story to unfold.

Security is an integral element of operations

Conzer Security is different in our approach to your protection. We aren’t here with a “package” that gives you x-number of surveillance video security cameras, automatic locks on your doors, and access control systems that are all fitted with some infrastructure and cabling. Every customer has their own unique needs and that’s why we start with a comprehensive risk review of your organization’s problems, needs, and opportunities.  Yes, opportunities.  Our risk analysis includes an assessment of opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed and unrealized.
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Security has become just as important as education itself in The United States schools system.  Paradoxically, there continues to be resistance to installing security systems and processes in our schools.

Conzer security is working with many school districts to take immediate steps to improve and manage their security instead of waiting and then responding when a problem arises. Many schools are starting to secure their campus with intercom systems and locked doors with doorbells for entrance. Others are installing access control systems on outside doors.