three keys

Technology in the digital revolution is changing at a dizzying pace.  Schools invest in expensive equipment for both administrative and teaching purposes.  Unoccupied schools make a high-value, soft target for thieves.   The thieves may have a personal need or may sell stolen equipment for cash.  Regardless of the reason, theft can be a major, unplanned expense.  Schools should invest in a security system to protect their investment. Continue reading THREE KEYS TO SECURING EQUIPMENT

Cats & Dogs Living Together!

How prepared are you if something really bad happens? Ok, maybe not Biblical proportions like the apocalyptic situation in the movie Ghostbusters.  But definitely more than a glitch or blip.

I am talking about tornados. I am talking about fires. I am talking about malware. I am talking about ransomware. I am talking about situations where you lose buildings, equipment, inventory, and data.

Can your business weather days or weeks or months offline?

Continue reading Cats & Dogs Living Together!