Who Wants A Train Wreck?

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Training in the workplace, especially in the manufacturing industry, is critical. Ineffective training adversely affects almost every aspect of the workplace:

  • Improper implementation of processes can lead to bottlenecks.  Assembly lines and other operations may run slowly or not at all.
  • Shortcuts and cutting corners may result in defective, poor quality products.
  • Poor product quality can result in the waste of expensive materials
  • Violating standard operating procedures can create significant safety risks for employees Continue reading Who Wants A Train Wreck?

Are We Really Moving Forward To Protect Our Schools?

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What Does School Safety Look Like In Your District?

We all know that school safety is on every parent’s mind these days. Are we really moving forward to protect our schools?  We all know that schools are taking some steps to increase safety.  Here are some steps we have seen most schools take:

  • Access control security systems are now present in most schools. Buzzers must be pushed and access is granted on an individual basis at the entrances to a school building.
  • School visitors must sign in at the front of the office, display a visitor’s badge, and be assigned an escort who stays with the visitor while on school property.
  • Alarm systems are becoming more common as well, often connected to the access control security system and the fire alarm system.

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