3 Behavioral Issues in Schools: Security Cameras Can Protect Students, Staff and the School

Unfortunately, in today’s world, not all students are perfect students – sitting quietly in their chairs, listening carefully to their teachers, and keeping their emotions, as well as their hands and feet, to themselves. Some students, especially those with developmental and/or learning disabilities, are more likely to exhibit inappropriate behaviors that can lead to injuries and the destruction of school property. Therefore, many schools have installed security camera or IP video surveillance systems in their buildings to document student behavioral outbursts, so they can use the footage for discussions with the student’s parents and teachers. With video surveillance solutions from Conzer Security, Inc. K-12 schools can protect their students, teachers, and staff – as well as the school itself – from potential future harm.

Students may exhibit a variety of behavioral issues. However, these behaviors become more serious when a student acts out impulsively in anger. Aggressive actions like throwing chairs or other objects can create an unsafe environment. Thrown objects can strike another child, teacher or staff member, causing bodily injury. Or, an unruly student may hit or bite another student hurting them. Unfortunately, in today’s litigation-happy environment, the parents of an injured child may sue the school for the harm done to their son or daughter. In cases like these, video recordings may prove that the teacher – and school – did everything they could to properly supervise the aggressive child’s behavior and try to stop the incident.

Another benefit of having a security camera system installed in your school is, it provides documentation of the student’s actions, so it can be shown to the child’s parents. Some parents may deny that their child has behavioral issues for a variety of reasons. They may claim that their child’s behavior was provoked by the teacher, staff or other students.

By having video surveillance, the school can protect itself in these instances. Video footage supplies factual verification of what exactly happened during the incident so school officials can work with parents to find the best plan going forward. Plus, video recordings can be used as proof of a pattern of aggressive behavior in the child. With the evidence, your school can take appropriate disciplinary action or recommend that the child be placed in a different school or facility.

In other instances, security camera footage can be used as an educational tool to help teachers and instructional aides learn how to anticipate misbehavior and take actions to potentially prevent it. Video can also be used to discuss inappropriate actions taken by teachers and staff during an incident to ensure similar, future occurrences are handled correctly.

At Conzer Security, we understand the safety challenges that your school faces every day. As the leader in security cameras, we have the technology and experience to help protect your students, teachers and staff when violence occurs. If you’re ready to create a safe environment for your school, contact our security experts at 317.580.9460 today to learn more about how our video surveillance solutions can help your school meet your safety needs.

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