Your school has invested substantial money in technology – computers, handheld devices, and audio-visual (AV) equipment. Unfortunately, that worth is what makes technology equipment a high-value target for thieves. Criminals may use this equipment personally. Or, they may sell it for quick cash on the street or in pawn shops. For schools, stolen technology equipment can be a major, unplanned, replacement expense. Therefore, your school needs to take measures to protect your technology investment.

Here are three practical steps your school can take to reduce the risk of technology equipment theft:

  • 1. Keep your technology out of sight. Before thieves break into a school, they often will case the building looking for easier-to-steal items. Instruct staff to keep all technology equipment away from windows. Keep all room window blinds or shades closed at night and during breaks. Lock windows and/or put bars on them. Don’t locate school technology labs or computer storage rooms on the ground floor or near entrances, if possible, to deter thieves from an easy-in, easy-out heist.
  • 2. Lock down your technology equipment. In classrooms and labs, install cable locks on computers and other technology equipment. When not in use, place computer equipment and other technology in locked computer carts or use locked metal cages with shelves to deter criminals. Tell students and staff to store personal tablets or laptops in desks, backpacks or lockers when they’re not in use. Keep laptops, AV and other equipment in locked carts when transporting equipment within your school. Use carts with a locking mechanism on the wheels to prevent thieves from using these carts to get away with your equipment. Store computer and AV equipment in a locked storage room with a secondary deadbolt lock or install an access control system that requires the person to use an access card to enter the room. Conzer Security offers the latest in access control systems to help you maintain the security of your school building. You determine who has access to your school’s valuable technology equipment and who doesn’t.
  • 3. Secure your school building. Improve security on exterior doors with the installation of automatic door locks and shatter-proof glass in all windows. Deter thieves with motion detecting bright lights on your building to scare criminals away. Additionally, install a security camera or IP video surveillance system in your school. Along with placing security cameras in obvious areas around your school building (such as the lobby, doors, and parking lot), install cameras pointed at the doors to computer labs and AV and/or computer storage rooms. Video surveillance cameras not only record activity around your school, but they can help deter it. Thieves are less likely to steal if they know you’re watching. However, if a theft does occur, camera footage can help you catch and prosecute criminals by providing a record of the act. Another way to deter thieves is with an alarm system that has an audible alarm to scare thieves away. Additionally, your school’s alarm system can contact a central alarm monitoring system and send the police to investigate.

As a leader in security systems, Conzer Security can help you identify vulnerabilities in your school’s security. We can design, install and maintain a security system that includes security cameras, access control features, alarms, and/or automatic door locks depending upon your needs while staying within your budget. We take the protection of your school’s technology seriously. Give us a call at 317.580.9460 today to protect your valuable investment.

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