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If follow our weekly blog, you have discovered that Conzer Security is not your typical security company.  Security should be viewed as a business-wide endeavor includes safety, asset protection, process improvement that leverages your people and equipment.

Security is a broad umbrella that will help a business grow, improve, cut costs and uncover other opportunities to prosper. We continually follow developments and improvements to security and love sharing them with customers and those who are considering adding or changing their security system.


Often our clients and potential clients are surprised about ways they can leverage their security equipment for many aspects of their business.

Your video surveillance security cameras and video surveillance security systems are key tools in maintaining control over (potentially) fraudulent workers’ compensation and disability claims.

Having video surveillance security cameras located on your premises may reduce your premiums as workers’ compensation insurance companies see them as a deterrent to fraud. Here are some other ways you can utilize your video surveillance security system to enhance business operations:

What a difference a security camera makes for workers

When employees know their actions are being watched, they are less likely to engage in horseplay that could result in injuries. Such injuries could result in worker compensation claims.

Other unsafe behaviors are curtailed when a video surveillance security system is in place. Ask any safety officer and you will hear that taking those extra steps, getting the right tool, or setting up a safety zone takes “too much time,” requires “too much effort,” or it’s just “not the way we’ve always done it.”

Video surveillance security cameras provide a record of exactly what occurred and encourages employees to take the extra steps to comply with established safety and work rules and regulations.

What a difference a video surveillance security camera makes in finding the truth

A video surveillance security camera provides an objective, impartial, and factual point of view.

People, even when they are trying to tell the truth, present their side of the story, from their perspective and point of view. Humans, by nature, try to make sense of what they see. Sometimes that means that they let their determination of what or why something happened to cloud the actual facts. It doesn’t mean they are being untruthful – it is their truth they are sharing.

Video surveillance security cameras do not have that human drive to explain, they simply record what happened and replay that to you. Facts, with no bias whatsoever.

In addition to that cool, calm, collection of facts, video surveillance security cameras will often provide a broader picture:

  • Did another party instigate an issue?
  • Was someone else also involved in the incident, accident, or theft?
  • Did something happen that made the employee react in a dangerous or unsafe manner?
  • What was going on around the incident?
  • Should blame be assigned?

Video surveillance security cameras and the resulting images and footage eliminate the he said/she said scenario.

What a difference video surveillance security cameras make for the potential legalities

There are several benefits to having pictures and footage that show what happened in an incident.

Images and footage are admissible as evidence and proof to authorities, insurance companies, and courts.

With today’s digital formats, videos and images from video surveillance security systems can be downloaded and forwarded to whomever needs them no matter where they are located. It’s easy and fast.

Adjusters and investigators always develop a picture in their mind of the incident, what caused it, how it happened and, because they are human, that picture may be flawed – just like a witness’s recounting of the incident. Images and footage eliminate mind movies and replaces them with actual evidence to either refute or confirm a claim.

Are you covering yourself?

Did you realize what a bonus your video surveillance security cameras were adding to your business? Are you taking advantage of the potential premium reduction and the added resource for processing disability or work-related injury claims?

If so, that’s great. If not, you will benefit if you do.

Keep your video surveillance security cameras in top shape at all times. You really don’t want to discover something wasn’t working when you need it. The equipment used in your video surveillance security system, like all your other tools and equipment, must be maintained regularly.

If you have questions about what should be done and when, contact us here at Conzer Security. We can help you with that, or you might just want to leave it to experts like us so your equipment is always within factory specifications. Our service support and maintenance program technicians can address issues before they become problems.

There’s two more things about video surveillance security equipment I want to share with you:

  1. Equipment wears out.Even the best mechanical tool or machine will eventually be used up. Security is not a one-and-done-forever endeavor. If your equipment is more than a few years old, it is good practice to review your system to see where it is in its lifespan.
  2. Technology advances. While you don’t necessarily have to always have the newest, biggest, and most spectacular devices and hardware coming on the market, you do need to be aware that, just like computers, as technology advances, obsolescence comes to meet you.

The rapid pace of technology in today’s world shortens the time period before a piece of equipment becomes problematic even though it is not showing any signs of wear.  Think about your computer purchases.  Software is updated and created to stay current with technological developments.  As computer storage capacities have grown the size of the software’s footprint has grown. An upgrade in a software package can turn an efficient computer into a slow clunker overnight.  The same challenges are true for video surveillance security systems and the associated equipment.  Don’t wait until your system is no longer working due to technological developments.  While you may not need the latest and greatest your equipment should be reviewed and, if necessary, upgraded at regular intervals to prevent vulnerability.

Give us a call at Conzer Security to help you review and assess your existing security system. We want to help you keep your business safe, secure – and prospering.







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