Are Swipe Cards Driving You Crazy?

“All I did was ask for a new swipe card to get into the building.”

That’s what a friend said to me when she was explaining why the admin person in human resources blew up at her. And, because of my experience here at Conzer Security, I immediately understood what caused the outburst.

Swipe cards can be like an albatross around someone’s neck in a business. Taking care of the administration of swipe card access systems is time-consuming, not to mention the cost of replacing cards. In fact, there are several problems associated with cards these days:

  • They are easily copied
  • They are not durable
  • The magnetic strip is easily de-magnetized

And it’s not just the cards themselves. No, the readers can get clogged with snow and ice or stop working because of water and rain. They are also prime targets for vandalism. Reader problems mean that no one can get in.

A solution for better access control

Thanks to technology, an improved tool for access control is available. Proximity cards are a viable replacement for several reasons:

  • They use chips instead of magnetic strips
  • They allow entry within a given proximity to an access door, both indoor and outside doors
  • They can control entry to specified corridors, hallways, and even elevators

Not only are the cards more durable, they cannot be copied and can still be used for visual identification.

Not only is the use improved, but access can be modified quickly and easily through the computer for employees with changing responsibilities. And if an employee leaves or is terminated, the access is terminated with a simple process. That’s a big change from having to recode every card like you have to do with swipe cards.

Access control is better with proximity cards

While many businesses still use the swipe card, security can definitely be enhanced with a switch to proximity card access systems. Preventing unauthorized entry into the building, as well as controlling access within the facility is just one way the new systems improves security. When you add the cost of administering the system, creating new cards, and maintaining readers, the savings could be significant.

If you have the budget to initiate one improvement to your security program, consider the switch from swipe cards to proximity cards for your access control system. The time, headaches, and hassles for both employees and program administrators will be worth the switch.

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