Are You Missing Opportunities?

While many see surveillance video security camera systems in a manufacturing setting as loss prevention, that is just one, albeit obvious, reason business owners should have surveillance video security cameras in place. Strategically placed surveillance video security cameras present opportunities that some businesses may not have considered.

In every respect, a surveillance video security camera system should provide a clear overview of your operations and inventory at all times. Surveillance cameras are the best way to ensure 24/7/365 coverage. In fact, there are various elements of security and surveillance systems that provide a significantly positive ROI.

Let’s start with the obvious:

Shrinkage and Theft Prevention – Studies have shown that surveillance video security cameras deter property theft in public areas, like parking lots. In a Cornell University summary of a review sponsored by the Campbell Collaboration that “analyzed 44 studies that measured whether CCTV helped to reduce crime in parking lots, housing developments and on public transportation systems,” there was a 51% decrease in crimes committed in parking lots, as well as a 23% decrease in crimes on public transportation. Likewise, if cameras are visibly present, theft and other illegal activity can drop significantly in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Reducing theft and inventory shrinkage obviously saves your business money and, in the case of inventory, turns it into revenue.

Surveillance video security cameras are not just essential for loss prevention and to curb criminal activity. The cameras can be essential for documenting accidents and incidents.

Incident Documentation – In 2015, the most recent data from OSHA, it is noted that there were nearly 2.8 million occupational injuries to workers. Of those, 0.7 million injuries (25% of all injuries reported) were for workers in goods-producing industries. Workman’s compensation claims are a part of every manufacturing business and verifying fault can potentially save your company from increased premiums and other costs. Properly located surveillance video security cameras are your tool to provide a detailed, accurate recording of incidents. Incidents are not limited to workers, but also include vendors, customers, and other visitors who access your facility in a capacity other than employee or worker.

On another note, there were 4,836 workers killed on the job in 2015, which, on average, means more than 13 deaths per day.

The documentation of incidents is just part of providing for the safety and security of workers and visitors in your facility. Another element is establishing safety and security policies, protocols, and guidelines and then ensuring they are being followed.

Employee Performance – Not only do the presence of visible surveillance cameras keep employees accountable for work and break time, they also provide invaluable data for both the safety officer in your company and the training staff. Prominently located monitors, visible cameras and cameras-in-use signage serves as an ever-present reminder to safely perform duties and tasks.

A good example to illustrate the use of surveillance video security cameras for employee performance involves forklifts. Through the years there have been a number of forklift accidents in locations as varied as big-box retail stores to warehouses and manufacturing plants. When workers take shortcuts that are unsafe, accidents can easily injure, or kill, someone. Using surveillance camera footage to identify the performance of employees in regard to forklift use means unsafe behaviors by individuals or an entire team can be addressed right away.

Forklifts are also known to be a leading cause of freight damage. According to an article at, the National Institute of Standards and Technology reports that forklift accidents cost $135 million per year. Reducing damage decreases waste and increases the bottom line.

In addition to the proper and safe use of equipment and tools, employees often need to be trained in the safest way to perform their jobs using their bodies, especially in manufacturing environments. Management knows it is essential to teach employees how to pick up heavy loads, climb ladders, and the importance of wearing safety gear such as protective glasses, hard hats, and jackets. Surveillance video surveillance cameras are the fast and easy way to ensure workers are following the procedures and not taking shortcuts that could endanger them or others around them.

But it’s not just workers that can fail to perform. Machines, robots, and other pieces of equipment wear down and out. Identifying those failures quickly and stepping in with repairs or replacement keeps the lines moving and high quality products being finished within spec and on time.

Systems and Equipment Performance – Surveillance  video security cameras are used in a wide variety of machine monitoring: from watching for jammed conveyor belts to remotely monitoring production machinery facilitating industrial processes. Malfunctions can automatically issue alarms and alerts and, in some cases, diagnoses can be enabled remotely.

Cameras can also be used for quality control and assurance. Identifying failures before the product gets completely through the process and in finishing can reduce waste and prevent delays in shipping.

What Do You Need in a Security System?

Going back to ensuring a clear overview of your operations and inventory with your security system, the first question that comes to mind is, “What do I need?”

To answer that is actually easy. Talk to a security system professional, like those at Conzer Security. In your first conversation with them you will discover that what you need for your unique situation is not what your neighbor down the street needs. There are so many variables, from your location to what you manufacture and how you do it, that will determine what you need.

Some find budget a constraint, but that’s where Conzer Security is different. We help you identify both the big picture and the immediate need and then create a plan to move through the process at your own pace.

The type of equipment that is best for your use may be an IP Video Surveillance System or a Security Camera System. There might be a need for Machine Vision and Process Improvement in your facility. But until a security professional can step inside and complete an analysis, don’t be fooled into purchasing an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product. As we all know, a one-size-fits-most approach usually ends poorly.

It is really important to all of us here at Conzer Security that each client understand the variety of features in different pieces of equipment so you get the highest resolution and best quality that is in step with both the purpose and outcomes desired – as well as budget.

Conzer Security can work with you to build both a short- and long-term plan to gradually move your system to your desired goal. You set the priorities and we help you make it happen.

Questions to Ask Security Professionals

Surveillance video security cameras and IP Video Surveillance Systems can help you keep a watchful eye for theft, record proof of incidents and accidents, and identify areas of unsafe practices or the need for training. But that is only possible if they are installed properly and in the best locations. There are five questions to discuss with Conzer Security professionals to ensure your eyes are directed in the right places:

  1. Where are all the places where people enter and exit the facility?
  2. Where are transactions handled and encounters with outside vendors?
  3. Where are the most valuable products, equipment, or high-theft items stored?
  4. Where are the prime locations for accidents or risky behavior?
  5. Are there areas that are obscured from sight or seldom traveled?

Another element to consider in finding the right solution for your business is the incredible tool known as Video Analytics. With video analytics you reduce the man hours needed to monitor security equipment and also increase the likelihood of more consistent data.

Security in today’s marketplace is complex and can be confusing. Contact Conzer Security, your security professional for more than 30 years, to guide you through the process. We deal with the details and complexity to make it simple for you.