As Safe As Milk


As a kid I used to drive through a town and one of the big businesses on the route had a huge sign outside with a scoreboard on it announcing how many days were accident-free. Sometimes those numbers were in triple digits, other times they would have just started over with 1 or 2. Now, as an adult in the security business, I know how deliriously happy those triple digits must have made that company management and ownership.

No accidents mean safe employees and no workers’ compensation claims. Everybody is happy. Happy is good!  Consider ways that use of surveillance video security cameras and other components of your security system can help prevent accidents.   Periodically checking the surveillance video security camera feed in areas where there is a greater risk of an accident just might prevent a costly accident.  If behaviors are observed that are not aligned with safety protocols and the use of safety equipment then that behavior can be addressed before an accident happens.  A better accident record may even lead to a more favorable risk rating from insurers, saving your business overhead costs.

But accidents do happen and it is important to understand the factors leading up to the accident.

Conzer Security’s purpose is to secure the safety, assets, and operations of businesses so the importance of knowing what happened when an employee is injured takes on a new meaning. There are several aspects of accidents we strive to illuminate:

  • What the conditions were in the environment prior to the accident
  • What equipment, tools, or product were involved in the accident
  • What the employee did before, during, and after the accident
  • Whether protocols and processes were followed as directed
  • Whether required safeguards such as the use of safety goggles, gloves, reinforced footwear in use

Of course, the primary concern is always the well-being of the employee, but in order to ensure a safe work environment, management and executives need to understand exactly what happened and why. Armed with that information, decisions can be made regarding steps to correct a situation, make changes to protocols and procedures, to make adjustments to equipment, and perhaps equipment operation.

How do you gather the data you need for decisions?

Today, surveillance video security camera systems are one of the first components in a security program and there is a good reason for that. Surveillance video security cameras gives you a record that can be viewed, and re-viewed, for information and factual recollection of places, people and events.  It may even be possible to review an incident from multiple angles depending up how surveillance video security cameras are installed.

In some instances, machine vision and process improvement technology can also be a part of information gathering at the time of an accident. When you want to know exactly what was happening on a piece of equipment or machinery at a particular time, this technology provides the data.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies investigate accidents and claims. When your security system includes access control security systems, some of the questions they will ask can be answered with the data your systems collects routinely like who was on the scene.

In other words, with a security system that is tailored to your unique business situation you are also building in a way to access problems and find solutions at the same time. In this instance, we are talking about worker safety, but the same also applies to operations problems, inventory problems, equipment and machinery problems as well as a host of other problems.

Yes, security protects your assets, people and data, but it also helps you manage a safe, productive and profitable enterprise. But it can also help you be proactive about creating a work environment where safety is a top priority so the number of accident-free days skyrockets! Contact long-time security professionals at Conzer Security to learn more.

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