biometric security surveillance video security camera and access control

Let’s Go To The Movies!

biometric security surveillance video security camera and access control
Biometric security seems pretty cool in the movie theater but how real is all this nifty stuff? You know, the retinal scans, thermal finger and hand prints, face mapping. How realistic are those security technologies? Are they practical? Do they make sense for protecting your business?
It seems to make great sense considering every human being is unique. Each of us has our own “bio-signature”. But bio-security technology has some prohibitive factors to consider before seriously considering deployment.
Prohibitive Factor No. 1 – COST
The first cost is, of course, the system itself. The equipment itself is expensive but there is a hidden cost: managing the data behind the system. That data requires its own security protocols and safeguards. And then there is the cost of servers, routers, cabling along with the cost of setup and configuration. Finally, there is there human cost of collecting the biometric data needed.
If the cost of the system outweighs the cost of what is being protected then why even consider going there?
Prohibitive Factor No. 2 – MAINTENANCE
The cost due to the “sensitivity” of the equipment used in a biometric security program is also high.
First, scanning and reading biometrics on the human body is not a simple process. It takes a lot of time for someone to collect those readings from each person and enter them in a database. It takes about a day to collect six to ten scans. Now imagine that effort if you have a large number of employees.
So now you have the biometric gear setup. You have finally finished scanning all employees for access. Sounds great but we’re just getting started.
Do you own a smart-phone with a biometric button? Ever struggled to get into your phone because your thumb wasn’t placed “just so?” Consider that a roll of a thumb during scanning the print can invalidate the information. Consider the impact of simple factors such as humidity and light on the equipment. What about that employee who needs a few stitches in their hand? Slice a thumb while cutting a tomato? Guess who needs a new thumbprint scan? Maintaining bio-metric scan data is expensive.
Less cool doesn’t mean less secure
This sort of expense and maintenance effort does not make sense for most companies. There are much less expensive ways to control access effectively.
Use automatic locks and card or proximity readers in a systematic way. Grant access to general areas to most employees. Use a further card or proximity reader in areas requiring curtailed access.
The cost of hands-on administrative maintenance decreases because:
  • The controls are digital. The technology controls who has access and keeps a record of entry and exit.
  • Swipe cards are being phased out and replaced by proximity cards most everywhere. This change eliminates problems such as demagnetized cards, lost cards and damaged cards.
Conzer Security looks at your security needs and designs a system with your needs and budget in mind. We have the experience and technical knowledge needed to find the right solution for you.
Unless you are guarding state or technological secrets or perhaps The Crown Jewels you can save that biometric stuff for the movies.

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