Strategies for Commercial Security

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There are plenty of ways to keep a commercial building safe and secure. In general, it is the duty of a business owner and the building manager to establish commercial security or devising a plan to make sure that employees experience a safe and secure working environment. There are several factors which must be taken into account, including the kind of building, office access required, number of workers, and so on. Continue reading Strategies for Commercial Security

Challenging Lighting: Video Surveillance Security Camera Image Quality

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Are Your Expectations Realistic?

When you buy a product you expect it to work right out of the packaging. Consider a new flashlight. You remove it from the packaging and insert the batteries. You expect it to work and continue working years later, even after dropping it a few times. You rely on our tools and equipment to function when you pick them up for use.

Some Unseen Benefits Of Video Surveillance Security Cameras

video surveillance security cameras conzer security

Security is a business-wide endeavor that includes safety, asset protection, and process improvement. It leverages your people and equipment. A video surveillance security system has so many built-in bonuses for your business. You should be taking advantage of benefits like premium reduction and the reduced effort to process insurance claims.

Some Of Those Unseen Benefits of Surveillance Video Security Cameras

Your Security System Is An Umbrella

Think of security as a broad umbrella of operations that can help your business to grow. It can also help you uncover opportunities that may have gone unnoticed. Conzer follows technological developments and improvements to security and love sharing this information. This allows our customers to focus on what’s important: Running their business.

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Dome Security

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Nowadays, K-12 schools face many challenges, such as violence, theft and vandalism. Therefore, security cameras can be an indispensable aid in helping you safeguard your students, staff and visitors, as well as maintain the security of your property and equipment. When designing your school’s video surveillance system, dome cameras are a versatile tool that can be used in many different locations – both inside and outside – of your school building.
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