Is Business Security Best Left to the DIY-er?

As security professionals, our staff at Conzer Security understands how overwhelming it can be for facility or general managers when the topic of access control takes priority, especially if the person heading up the team decides to go it alone. By that I mean when they decide to do the research, vet the products and suppliers and then handle the entire acquisition and installation by themselves.

In the beginning, it can appear to be a simple process: find the best product that fits your needs, order it and have it installed. What can go wrong, right? Once they jump into the pool of available products and services they suddenly find themselves in the deep end without a life jacket.

We know that because it’s at that point that we often get a call from them looking for a lifeline. Security magazine recently published an article, You Deserve to be Delighted: 10 Essential Elements to Look for in a Security Entrance Manufacturer, that spells it out. It’s an informative article that provides a lot of detail, but I want to identify the 10 elements here for you. Every point is important because, as they indicate, the security entrance you purchase and install today can last for 10 years or more. It’s an investment that you will have to live with for a long time, so you want to be certain you make the best decision for your organization.

The 10 elements are:

  1. Global Network
  2. Personal Consultant
  3. Accurate Order Fulfillment
  4. Durable Product and Fast Delivery
  5. Trouble-Free Installation
  6. Installation Verified for Quality
  7. Fast Resolution Time and Parts Fulfillment
  8. Knowledgeable Service Partners
  9. Minimal Disruptions
  10. Standardization for Efficiency

The article writer offers this as a comprehensive checklist for your security entrance decision and purchase. You know, from your experience with vetting and using new vendors, that any checklist compiled to help you select the best of those available is only as good as the information you get and can verify.

Selection is a deduction and speculation at best

Put simply, you just don’t know until you get it and live with it for a while. In addition, as security professionals, we know that your entrance is only one part of the overall security SYSTEM. The entrance equipment and process must integrate into the whole for all of it to work the way you want – need – it to work.

The other point to make here is that technology is ever-changing. How do you know the access control equipment you select today will integrate with the video surveillance system you want tomorrow? And what about alarm systems and the integration with municipality systems?


The best approach is to begin with the larger picture in mind at the onset

That’s why we ALWAYS suggest that you work with someone like Conzer Security to help you identify the best equipment and systems for each element of your security program. We have extensive experience with equipment and manufacturers, which allows us to help you select the best for your needs. In fact, we customize each security program for each client, pulling together the options that not only meet the needs of your facility and business today, but prepare you to expand your system to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our tagline, Flexible Solutions, Solid Results, puts simply the way we can integrate access control systems, security camera systems, alarm systems, and more to keep your manufacturing plant, inventory warehouses, people and processes safe and secure.

The professionals at Conzer Security have been designing security systems for a wide variety of industries and facilities for years. Our expertise and experience means we understand where the technology has come from and where it is headed, and how to build systems that can adjust to the changes.

Call us at 317-580-9460 for a free security consultation to see if we can help you make the best decisions for your business today – and for tomorrow.