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three keys

Technology in the digital revolution is changing at a dizzying pace.  Schools invest in expensive equipment for both administrative and teaching purposes.  Unoccupied schools make a high-value, soft target for thieves.   The thieves may have a personal need or may sell stolen equipment for cash.  Regardless of the reason, theft can be a major, unplanned expense.  Schools should invest in a security system to protect their investment. Continue reading THREE KEYS TO SECURING EQUIPMENT

Cats & Dogs Living Together!

How prepared are you if something really bad happens? Ok, maybe not Biblical proportions like the apocalyptic situation in the movie Ghostbusters.  But definitely more than a glitch or blip.

I am talking about tornados. I am talking about fires. I am talking about malware. I am talking about ransomware. I am talking about situations where you lose buildings, equipment, inventory, and data.

Can your business weather days or weeks or months offline?

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Are You Ready For Sensory Security?

While that question might have caught your attention, sensual security might not be what you think it is. Let me explain – from the beginning …

Cargo Theft Crime Statistics

In the Uniform Crime Report on Cargo Theft for 2014 (the most recent year available), the FBI reports that 442 of the 581 cargo theft cases were against businesses. That means businesses bore the damage of 76% of these crimes for the year. These crimes accounted for more than $32 million dollars of property stolen of which just over $7.5 million was recovered. The recovery rate is less than 25% and of the property recovered, there is a good likelihood that some will be damaged or unusable.
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