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Challenging Project Finished in Northern Indiana

Last week Conzer Security completed a very challenging and unique project in northern Indiana. The company campus has some explosive environments that required a highly specialized design and solution.

The company needed to secure these explosive areas for obvious reasons and restrict access. Conzer designed and implemented a customized solution with explosion proof locking hardware. Part of what makes the locking hardware specialized is that it is operated pneumatically (compressed air) rather than with electricity. As you can imagine, this is a highly specialized solution.
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Conzer Security provides video surveillance system in an extreme environment.

Conzer Security recently completed a project for a warehouse that stores frozen foods.  This extreme environment required that the work be completed in -20F temperatures.  This was a challenge.  For example, some cameras can operate at that temperature, but can’t be installed and started up at that temperature. The same goes for cabling and network switches.  So we had to design a system that could withstand this harsh environment and unique challenge.  We had one of our partners ask if they could turn off the freezer so that we could install the cameras and then turn it back on since many cameras could operate at this temperature but if they start up in a more normal range.

It was definitely not feasible for the customer to shut down their operations for this installation.  The project also required the placement of some cameras in remote locations so we created a wireless mesh network so that there were no trenching costs.

For security’s sake we keep our clients names out of the news but we are happy to report another satisfied customer in our latest Conzer Confidential.

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Conzer is Key in Apartment Building Construction and Security.

Conzer was a welcomed addition to the team for the construction of dual apartment buildings located in Southern Indiana. Since there were two buildings to secure on a single project Conzer needed to install the proper network infrastructure to make sure the cameras could communicate as well as be on the same network. Conzer installed an enterprise level Wi-Fi network to compensate for the level of users on the guest network as well as having the need for a separated business network for the main leasing office.

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