Challenging Project Finished in Northern Indiana

Last week Conzer Security completed a very challenging and unique project in northern Indiana. The company campus has some explosive environments that required a highly specialized design and solution.

The company needed to secure these explosive areas for obvious reasons and restrict access. Conzer designed and implemented a customized solution with explosion proof locking hardware. Part of what makes the locking hardware specialized is that it is operated pneumatically (compressed air) rather than with electricity. As you can imagine, this is a highly specialized solution.

In order to further increase their security stature, we also installed high definition IP cameras in conjunction with an advanced video analytics system that will be monitored 24/7 by our central station. This will provide the customer with a robust and proactive security system to interdict threats with a multi threaded approach.

Conzer was able to work with the customer to identify their needs and requirements, design the appropriate solution while keeping the system easy to use. This epitomizes our ability to engineer solutions that meet each customer’s unique threat profile.

For security’s sake we keep our clients names out of the news but we are happy to report on another satisfied customer in our latest Conzer Confidential.