Disaster Recovery on the Front Burner

Right to the Point: How prepared are you if something B-A-D happens? I am talking more than a glitch or blip. I am talking about:

  • Tornados
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Malware
  • Ransomware

Situations where you lose buildings, equipment, inventory, and data. Could your business weather weeks or days offline?

Crashed computers and what we think

It became apparent to a client when the power was out at his business. At first, he thought it was no big deal. He could just … do nothing is what he learned. He quickly realized that the computers were the center of his business. He couldn’t correspond with clients, work on the books, checks sales, inventory, or even get the payroll processed. The lines stood frozen and silent. His company was at a complete and total standstill.

And he wasn’t dealing with major physical losses – he was dealing with a power outage.

Down systems and reality

What would happen in your company? While it’s an awful thing to have to replace equipment, supplies, and materials, it’s devastating to lose your data.

What could you lose?

  • Bookkeeping and accounting records
  • Employee data
  • Customer lists
  • Sales data – historical and current
  • Equipment and tooling programs
  • Correspondence
  • Contracts, agreements and other legal documents

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. And just like the Titanic, this iceberg could sink your company.

You have to ask yourself, are you okay being down a day? A few days? Or not at all? The fact is that at some point you are going to face some sort of disaster – perhaps a mild one with a power outage or short circuit in the wiring, or, worse, some twist of nature that comes your way or you are targeted by hackers with malware or ransomware. Are you ready for it?

Preparation is key to prevention

Here at Conzer Security we know that security is not limited to surveillance cameras and access controls. We know that security also includes making sure that your systems and data will not be lost or jeopardized in the case of a disaster. At the minimum consider implementing two prime solutions.

  1. Backing up and restoring data is a complex matter but getting your business up and running as quickly as possible relies on addressing that complexity.
  2. Another prevention solution is the ongoing maintenance of systems in place, both physically and electronically. Check on the health of the equipment and making sure updates are made in the software. Simple maintenance can prevent outages and crashes. Simple maintenance can prevent that annoying crash that locks up your facility, too. Or worse, prevent the facility from locking, making it vulnerable.

Everyone wants to use best practices and be world class – preparation is part of that – and your best defense.

No one hopes for disaster. But the ones who get through it are those who have prepared for it ahead of time.

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