Feeling Confused About Commercial Security Options?

Do you find yourself feeling confused when thinking about how to safeguard your commercial organization? Your business is valuable both in the value of resources and the satisfaction and well-being you feel as a business owner.  Residential security choices are pretty straightforward but there are so many options when thinking about commercial a security system. 

Whatever you think of, chances are there’s a lot more that goes into keeping your business safe than you may realize. Great commercial security is the result of a lot of different parts all working together to protect your business and staff. Regardless of the size of your business, many of the components that go into your commercial security system are pretty much the same. Those components are just deployed on a smaller or larger scale depending on your security needs.

Here’s a crash course the tools in a commercial security system:

Control Panel
  • The control panel is the brains behind your commercial security system. It communicates with the installed components and it allows you to arm and disarm the security systems.
  • The control panel is what communicates with keypads to arm or disarm the security system. It can also control devices and panic buttons placed in strategic locations or carried to notify the monitoring station in the event of an emergency.
24/7 Monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring provides your business access to a professional monitoring station that can dispatch the police or fire department immediately when an emergency arises or the system is tripped, even if no one is there.
  • Alarms are probably the first thing that come to mind when most people think about commercial security. It’s true. They are the heart of most commercial security systems. Alarms come in a variety of types, including devices such as motion detectors and glass break detectors. A good motion detector features passive infrared and microwave technology. Most advanced glass break detectors include “shock sensors” that detect the impact of a glass break. The alarm system also generates reports that tell when the system is armed or disarmed.
Premise Access Controls
  • Premise Access Controls are a key component of most commercial security systems.
  • Premise Access Controls track the comings and goings of those who enter the building. Access controls can also let you to grant different access to different employees, depending on their needs and duties. Some of these controls include:

    1. Electro-mechanical locks
    2. Card readers
    3. Mag locks
    4. Other devices help to ensure that the right people are in the right places at the right times.
  • Premise access controls also keep a log that lets you know when employees enter or leave.
  • Touch Sense Bars (TSB) ensure that employees can exit safely in the event of an emergency.
Video Surveillance 
  • Video surveillance gives you a visual record of what is happening inside or outside of your business. Cameras can be set up to record either when motion sensors are tripped or 24/7, depending on your security needs, while DVRs connected directly to the cameras record all video surveillance. Network video recorders are also available as part of our IP surveillance solution, along with TruVision cameras.

Whatever the commercial security needs of your business, knowing the ins and outs of your commercial security system, Conzer will help you protect your premises, your personnel, and your products. Conzer can help you and your business understand your security risks and find the right commercial security system for your unique situation.

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