conzer security computer hacking

Hacking Is Here To Stay

conzer security computer hacking
It is clear that computer hackers aren’t going to go away – ever. For many hackers, getting into people’s digital lives and businesses is fun. For others, it’s profitable. And fun and profit are the two reasons it’s never going to go away.
Conzer Security takes the security of your technology seriously and we encourage everyone else to do the same.
One place every person and business can make improvements is in the use of passwords. Some of the stats and information collected about passwords is sobering:
  • SplashData reported the two most common passwords in 2015 were “123456” and “password”
  • Verizon said that about 80% of user security breaches could have been avoided with stronger passwords
  • Roboform says that 75% of attacks on corporate networks are due to weak passwords
  • Microforce reports that 1 in 3 companies do not have a written standard password policy
How to make passwords more secure
As a business, password protection is probably one of your first lines of defense but one that requires the efforts of every single user. You can establish several policies and procedures to help:
Require longer passwords.

Be aware that every password is hackable. But the longer a password, the longer it will take to break. Many organizations have opted for 6- or 8-character passwords because of their users and customers. They don’t like longer passwords so they click off to another site. But for security in your company, longer is safer.

Require random and a variety of components.
Again, more complex passwords are more difficult and take longer to hack. Therefore, by requiring special characters, upper and lower case letter, numbers and random letters, the password is not as easy a target. Avoid complete words, even obscure words. Believe it or not, potato is a common password.
Require that passwords be changed on a regular basis. 

For one thing, this limits the access if a hacker is successful in getting in. Therefore, you have to decide what window of vulnerability you are willing to accept; 30 days, 60 days, 90 day?

Educate employees about enhanced security
Once they understand the ramifications and reasons, odds are good that the awareness will cause them to be more proactive not only in their work and professional passwords, but home and personal passwords as well
Cyber security has many faces
Improving password use and practices is just one way to narrow the door of vulnerability into your business. Protecting the technology in use in your facility, including your security systems, is just as important as providing access controls, security cameras, automatic locks and CCTV systems. Security does not happen in a vacuum. Security must be integrated into the whole operation.
That’s where having a partner as committed to your security as you are is important. That’s why you can count on Conzer Security. We are more than a company that will provide you with equipment, we help you build a security plan and help you sustain it – both in maintenance and repair and in effectiveness as you grow and change.

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