How Process Improvement Can Reduce Manual Inspection Errors

High quality human capital in any manufacturing organization is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. If you talk to managers and supervisors, they all have specific people that they rely on to do good work and come through when the going gets tough. But is that good enough for your business?

Even the best employees are fallible

Humans add an unknown variable to every process and task. Take, for instance, the quality inspection aspect of products during manufacturing. Not even the best, most reliable, employees undertaking the manual inspection are absolutely consistent and infallible. Consider these points:

  • Operators have different skill sets
  • Operators have different experience levels
  • No two operators work, or inspect, in exactly the same way
  • Different operators work at different speeds
  • Even the same operator works at different speeds during the day, or even throughout a single shift
  • Operators can be preoccupied, sick, or easily distracted

You get the idea. When it comes to manually inspecting a product during product down the line, errors can be made, problems can be overlooked, or flaws can go unobserved. It’s not necessarily because of poor performance, it’s because of the humanity of the performer. Process improvement is ongoing and with Conzer Security, you can find a tangible solution to many of the issues and challenges you face.

How to bring consistency to the mid-line manual inspection

One of the most successful strategies to employ to improve inspection results is through mechanical vision using cameras. For some manufacturing lines, depending on the product being inspected, 2D vision cameras are sufficient. According to a white paper from SICK, it is explained that “a 2D camera operation is based on contrast. Backlighting an object creates a high-contrast shadow, which works for edge detection. While measuring (products) using edge detection and identifying bar cards are good application for 2D, in the absence of high-contrast features, 2D doesn’t work very well.”

In contrast, a 3D vision system uses laser triangulation to capture images by projecting a laser line across the surface of each target object while a high-speed camera captures an image of the laser line as an elevation profile.

There are four main components of a 3D triangulation system: the camera, the line projector that is typically laser-based, a mechanism that moves the object (or camera system) through the field of view for the imaging system and software to process the captured image and accurately translate the pixel offsets to height differences.

There are several configurations possible for installing a 3D vision system, determined by your specific needs and existing system, which is exactly why working with Conzer Security is important. We have the experience you need to work with your staff in determining what kind of software and hardware suits your needs and then how it should be installed and implemented.

Securing your automation and progress is not just a camera

Automating industrial processes throughout your manufacturing facility allows you to drive down overall costs, especially when you have a global plan that connects all the processes into a smooth, sweeping flow.

When we developed our Envision program, we did not limit it in any way to specific purposes and specific industries. Envision is based on a concept that secures both assets and people in whatever application is needed in your unique situation. Envision is one element that exemplifies the pride we take in helping manufacturers identify problems – both equipment and employee-related – in order to make changes that improve your company.

Of course, physical security is one aspect. Your first line of security should include equipment such as:

But the next step in securing the growth of your business is process improvement.

We help you see what goes on in your operations, capture critical data, and explore solutions that can lead your company to even greater success. It’s not cookie-cutter, it’s the Conzer Security way!

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