School buildings often sit empty anywhere from just a couple days to three months during seasonal breaks. There are typically fewer staff members and security officers on-hand to watch over and protect school property during these periods of inactivity. Fewer responsible eyes on the facility makes the school property highly vulnerable to vandalism and break-ins.

Conzer Security, Inc. provides school corporations with a variety of year-round solutions to keep watchful eye on the campus and deter vandalism.

School vandalism is a rising problem

School vandalism is a recurring problem that’s on the rise, affecting a large proportion of U.S. schools. Per reports for the U.S. Department of Education, from 1996 to 1997, over one-third of 84,000 public schools reported at least one incident of vandalism, totaling 99,000 separate incidents. By 2009 to 2010, 45.8% of 37,940 public schools had reported 171,500 separate incidences of vandalism.  That is a serious escalation where nearly half of all schools in the United States have been or will be vandalized.

While many school vandalism incidents may be done as a class prank, other malicious incidences are committed by criminals who take advantage of school breaks to inflict serious destruction of school property. School vandalism may include defacement of buildings and other property with spray-paint and graffiti, throwing rocks through windows, damaging doors during break-ins, and destroying classroom furniture and other school property.  Theft of valuable school property such as computers and public address systems is also a problem closely related to vandalism.

As the incidences of school vandalism rise, the costs to U.S. school corporations and taxpayers rises. In 1970, school vandalism costs were estimated at $200 million. In 1990, the costs climbed to an estimated $600 million. Today, vandalism costs to U.S. schools can run over $1 billion in repairs, staff time and higher insurance rates.

How can schools prevent vandalism?

To combat vandalism, one step school officials can take is to install and utilize customized security solutions that include video surveillance security cameras or IP video surveillance systems, alarm systems and access control security systems.

Video surveillance security camera systems and IP video surveillance systems enable you to monitor activities around your school’s property 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling the reduced staff to spot vandalism as it occurs. Video surveillance security cameras can be installed in high-target areas, such as

  • The lobby;
  • Main and secondary entrance doors;
  • Parking lots;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Sports fields;
  • Delivery receiving areas;
  • Partially hidden areas around buildings;
  • Unsecured windows and skylights;
  • Roofs;
  • Large, smooth, light-colored walls (prime graffiti targets).

With security and IP video surveillance cameras, you can document vandalism activities, identify the individuals committing the crime, and take the appropriate action needed to apprehend the perpetrators . Additionally, studies have shown that school video surveillance security cameras installed in plain sight can even deter acts of vandalism and/or theft from being committed.

An access control security system and a professional alarm system can add another layer of protection around your school building during school breaks. Access control features can make it difficult for vandals to enter school property to wreak havoc. Alarm systems will sound an alarm and notify the monitoring center if an individual breaks a window or enters the building. Like video surveillance security cameras, these systems can deter vandals if they’re visible and/or are known to be in use. Additionally, when these systems are used with video surveillance security cameras, the likelihood of identifying and capturing vandals is greatly increased.

At Conzer Security, we take the security of your K-12 school very seriously. Not only are we the leader in video surveillance security cameras, but we can partner with you to develop an integrated vandalism and theft prevention solution to protect your school’s valuable infrastructure from theft, damage and destruction. Contact our security experts today to learn how we can help proactively safeguard your school.