How to Prevent Fear from Reducing Productivity in Your Workplace

According to a recent article in Security Magazine, an international study based on mathematical principles suggests that “fear of crime is contagious, and can quickly spread among residents of even low-crime communities.” By extension, communities can include workplaces and the residents become your workers.

“The fear of crime can be considered contagious, because social interaction is the mechanism through which fear is shared and chronically worried populations are created. Even those that have never been a victim of crime can be seriously worried about it,” said study lead Rafael Prieto Curiel (UCL Mathematics).

The mathematical model used by the researchers was developed through a similar model that studied opinion dynamics. The article explained, “The model simulated the perception of security among a population of 10,000 individuals, who update their perception of security each week.” The population was split between three groups commonly observed in a city: “a large majority statistically immune to crime; a group that experiences a small amount of crime; and a small population that experiences the majority of crimes.

It is the social interaction between subjects that perpetuate feelings of insecurity. In analyzing their findings, researchers found, “It takes only a small amount of crime to create a generalized fear in the population.”

The impact of fear and anxiety in the workplace

Workers say that stress and anxiety impacts their professional life. According to surveys conducted and information reported by the Anxiety and Depression Association of American, workers say it most often impacts:

  • Workplace performance (56 percent)
  • Relationships with coworkers and peers (51 percent)
  • Quality of work (50 percent)
  • Relationships with superiors (43 percent)

As professionals in businesses from manufacturing to logistics, you know that the impact reduces productivity, quality, and, in the end, profits and your bottom line. So what can you do to reduce the fear and anxiety for workers?

Improve security with technology and communicate with workers.

In light of the increasing number of active shooter incidents reported in the news, employees understand both the stress and emotion of unhappy employees and the extreme actions they might take. Strict access control policies and the use of technology are the best steps an organization can take to protect workers.

As well as creating anxiety, fear can also lead to subjects taking healthy precautions. That can translate into employees strictly following policies and protocols when it comes to entrances and access to your facility.

When there are rules in place about how people enter a location and how they gain access into the various areas and work stations, employees are more apt to adhere to them when they understand the underlying reasons, which include their safety. Clear communication, shared consistently and often, will reinforce that the rules are not there as management control, but for their well-being.

In addition, if a disgruntled, terminated employee returns to the workplace and knows he will have to follow strict guidelines for entry, it may be a deterrent to extreme violent actions. The key to this deterrent is to establish policies and protocols that foresee violent situations and plan for them.  

The careful installation and implementation of technology is the second element to create an environment based on the security and safety of employees. Access control should be planned based on the needs of each unique facility. Every business is different as well as every location within a business can be different. Some questions to ask include: 

  • Do you need to control access at entrances and exits?
  • Is there on-going research and development that needs to be protected?
  • Do you need to control access to specific areas such as labs, storage, or manufacturing floors?
  • Are computer networks and servers secure?

Technology offers security solutions such as:

  • Keyless entries using proximity cards and reader systems
  • ID cards and badges
  • Biometric access control
  • Easily modified systemic employee permissions
  • Easily modified systemic configuration

In other words, you have the ability to change controls with a few simple clicks at the keyboard. Change is ever present in organizations and keeping up with it affects your ability to provide a safe and secure environment. For example, here are three situations you might encounter:

  1. When employees leave or are terminated, you don’t have to worry about missing or unreturned keys. No locks have to be changed. Their access is instantly revoked. Even if they retain custody of their proximity card, it will not work.
  2. As workers change positions and departments, their access can be adjusted accordingly immediately.
  3. If the company grows and new departments or divisions are established, the access configurations can be set and granted to appropriate personnel all at one time.

In other words, you have control at hand at all times. Your system is planned and developed in such a way that you are prepared to handle security and safety in a precautionary manner. Your system is proactive instead of reactive.

Place safety and security in the hands of experienced professionals

In order to establish such a secure environment for your staff and assets, it is important that you look at your current needs as well as keep an eye to the future. No one knows how to do that better than the security professionals at Conzer Security based in Carmel, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis.

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