How to Secure Effective Improvement in Your Manufacturing Plant

Does your business look at improvement on an enterprise-wide basis? Most businesses don’t have a team that is dedicated to looking at performance and production across the entire system. Section managers may be tasked with their area, but in reality, they probably don’t give much thought to how their work is affecting downstream activity.


All businesses, and especially those in manufacturing, are on the lookout for ways to improve profits. Improvement comes in many forms, but it can be a challenge to see opportunities if we don’t have a good understanding of current practices and processes. And, it’s not just the process in each section of the production line, but in the entire process from start to end; from the time raw materials are delivered to the receiving dock to the time the final product goes through quality control, packing, and out the shipping door.

An example of what enterprise-wide improvement looks like
For instance, one of our Conzer Security clients came to us with a problem. They had discovered that flawed materials were coming in the door, but were not being identified until reaching the final steps in the process in quality control. By that time, the product was completed and ready to be shipped.

This problem was costing them time and money as well as delaying product delivery and impacting cash flows while waiting for refunds from the material vendor. We were able to design a solution. Cameras reviewed the material upon receipt, and any material that was not up to standard, was refused at delivery. Immediately both the accounts receivable department and the vendor were notified electronically. The production managers were also notified so they could plan their work accordingly.

In this scenario, the original problem was resolved for the company. But there were also other, unexpected benefits as well. In the end, the business was able to use the data collected over a period of time to do several things:

  • Determine how much flawed product was coming from that vendor
  • Provide the data to approach the vendor for better performance AND renegotiate terms
  • Identify the need for additional vendors for materials

The reality is that solving one problem often leads to improvement in other areas of the business, too. It’s when the people we work with see that result that it illuminates the need for enterprise-wide review of processes.

Data gathering with Envision
To provide the opportunity for global improvement in a facility, the current status of each process must be reviewed and data collected. That’s where everyone must begin. You have to know where you are before you can determine where you want to go or what is possible.

That’s why we created the exclusive Envision program here at Conzer Security. It’s part protective security for the physical facility and partly a problem resolution and process improvement tool. Some of the benefits of this system include that ENVISION allows managers and executives to combine both analytical data and visual information to run their manufacturing companies.

You might not think about business improvement when you think of security for your facility, but we do. We want to give you the peace of mind that your assets and people are protected with tools like security cameras and access control systems. We also want to give you a sense of confidence that you have tools to help you improve and grow your business profits. It’s all about security, but on the enterprise level. Security, machine vision and process improvement are all interwoven to improve profitability.

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