Like Riding A Bike… Sort of

Just like keeping the chain on your bicycle greased prevents it from seizing and breaking, maintaining your security equipment keeps your operation moving smoothly and forward.

Security Systems do not last forever. As new security risks arise, technology moves forward to mitigate those risks. Here are some examples of how protection begins to deteriorate and how your protection can be extended.

System Updates – All of us have experienced the pain of version updates and security patches from companies like Microsoft and Adobe. Typically, these updates are made due to hacking threats. We must be just as diligent to keep our security systems current. Taking the attitude “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is very risky.  Eventually, there will come a time when you MUST attend to a threat and if your system is no longer current then you will likely need to replace it.

Operating system and application updates can largely be automated, but this is not true of security systems. When updates are not made, eventually something along the network will fail. It’s not necessarily that something is “broken” as much as it is that there is a gap in between elements on the network and that gap represents a real risk to your operations.

Increased Vulnerability – While this could be categorized as system updates, it goes well beyond simply updating the software. As systems age, hackers learn more about them. System updates are often centered on plugging holes and eliminating vulnerabilities, If those updates are not installed, the gaps leave the door open to hackers. It’s a back and forth between those wanting illicit entry and those trying to protect your system.

We all know that as the systems become progressively obsolete, they get replaced. At some point, the manufacturer will stop supporting the older system or will charge a hefty-fee to provide support. When that happens, owners can either pay the additional support cost or try to fend off the attacks with in-house staff.

Equipment Wear – All systems are subject to entropy. That means that all mechanical systems eventually wear out. In a manufacturing operation, there is always a maintenance schedule that is followed and the same should be true about security equipment.

Surveillance video security camera lenses are particularly subject to wear over time. This is especially true for outdoor surveillance video security cameras and cameras in environments that are dusty or filled with production materials. While dirty lenses don’t prevent the surveillance video security camera from operating, it can prevent the images from being viewable. The point of the surveillance video security camera is to capture images,   When the lens is coated with dirt and grime, the camera is useless.

Aging equipment breaks down more often and recovery activities hurt productivity. Although all equipment will eventually need to be replaced, regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment. It’s like keeping greasing the chain on your bicycle.  That grease prevents the chain from seizing.  Maintaining your security equipment keeps your operation moving forward.

Improvement Opportunities – As technology marches forward, so does the quality and features of products. Consider the old refrigerator in your garage. It’s probably there because you got a new one. However, if you talked with any of the energy (electricity) providers, they would encourage you to unplug it and get rid of it because it uses much more energy than a new one. The same is true of many cars and their gas mileage ratings. Again, not fixing it because it’s “ain’t broke” is a false economy; it is costing you money in the long run.

As far as new technology in security equipment, new features and benefits are continually making their way to the marketplace. Antiquated equipment and old technology create problems. Consider how moving up from recording on digital video recorders can open a wide array of options, not to mention freedom from some of the old hassles. Plus, as technology marches on, old equipment becomes obsolete and not compatible with new software and hardware.

How to Handle Updates, Outdated Equipment, and Maintenance

Conzer Security has over 40 years of experience in security solutions.  we know that many of our clients just want the system installed so they can use it and that’s why we have you covered as you face maintenance and service dilemmas.

We offer a Preventative Maintenance program for all of our clients. We visit regularly to check on your system to minimize wear and tear. We also keep an eye on potential problems so they can be addressed before there is a breakdown.

The other benefit is that you have professionals who stay on top of new developments in the industry. That means that when it’s time to replace something or update your system, we can offer you the best and most efficient transition. And, because we are pros at structured cabling solutions, we can get you ready for whatever you need in the future!

Old doesn’t necessarily mean unreliable, but when it is time, it is time. We can help you create a plan that will move your system ahead in the best way possible to address the priorities you set.
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