Think for a moment about a symphony orchestra. There are many written parts and the musicians and instruments are used to play those parts in a very specific way in order to deliver a fantastic performance. It is very much the same in manufacturing. Manufacturing businesses thrive on smooth, efficient operations to create valuable products for customers.

Similarly to an orchestra conductor, all of those moving parts in a manufacturing operation keep facility managers and supervisors on their toes all the time. In fact, security is so important because of all of that constant motion; that’s why companies look to us for our expertise. Material, parts and people coming and going make it hard to keep track of everything.

Manufacturing Security Systems, First Movement
Conzer Security comes in to work with the owners to develop a security plan that commonly includes use of a variety of security solutions like access control systems, CCTV and video surveillance security camera systems, automatic door locks, IP security systems and even perimeter protection to protect warehouses filled with product. Getting the plan implemented and all the equipment installed is the first step to developing the peace of mind you want.
It’s all good until you get a call in the wee hours of the morning saying that the security alarm has been activated. Now if that alarm is sounding because of a break-in, the adrenalin is pumping. But if it’s a false alarm, you will likely be getting a bill in the mail because emergency responders are usually authorized to bill for false alarms, and the service fees can be hefty.

Manufacturing Security Systems, Second Movement
Preventing the majority of false alarms is critical for your business. Did you know that one of the main causes of false alarms is human error? It’s easy to understand that it could be an employee error, but there are times when it could happen because of a vendor error. The solution is to make sure all users are properly trained and understand how to use the systems in place.
The following is a brief list of guidelines to consider in your training program:
• Assign each employee (and vendors if needed) their own security code and train them in proper use of the system
• Schedule regular refresher courses to keep all users informed about changes in the system or operation
• Make sure materials and objects are not stored near motion detectors, and hanging signs, curtains and blinds are not affected by airflow or wind and weather.
• Instruct anyone using a moving vehicle (like forklifts, cranes, carts, wagons and bins) to avoid hitting door sensors and motion detectors.
• Maintenance staff should routinely check that windows and doors fit tightly and there is no excessive movement caused by airflow or weather.
• Establish proper protocols for adding and deleting users on the systems that include a check and balance for security.
• Promote a regular updating of passcodes and other security passwords.

Being consistent in both training for new users and refresher training will help you keep your facility secure and also help prevent the incidence of false alarms.

Manufacturing Security Systems, Third Movement
When you work with professionals like Conzer Security on a security system for your business there is a definite Step Three to a security plan. While human error is a main cause of false alarms, another cause is lack of maintenance on the system. All equipment, no matter what kind or for whatever purpose, should be checked and maintained. Proactive and regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure that equipment continues to work properly and will be on the ready when needed.

Conzer Security inspection teams are available to support you with regular inspections of all the security systems from intrusion detection and access control to camera surveillance systems and CCTV systems. Our teams of technicians are a valuable asset in your ability to meet any regulatory compliance requirements, too.
You are in control. You can drive budget and operational efficiency by preventing any downtime and avoid unexpected repair costs. Conzer Security preventative maintenance and extended warranty agreements can be tailored to meet your individual needs.
The team here at Conzer Security is available to help you protect your business with security solutions and maintenance options that help you keep your lines and business running smoothly! Contact us today and let us help you through all 3 Steps to a Secure Business!

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