Security has become just as important as education itself in The United States schools system.  Paradoxically, there continues to be resistance to installing security systems and processes in our schools.

Conzer security is working with many school districts to take immediate steps to improve and manage their security instead of waiting and then responding when a problem arises. Many schools are starting to secure their campus with intercom systems and locked doors with doorbells for entrance. Others are installing access control systems on outside doors.

When we meet with school administrators we frequently hear variations on three myths about school security that ultimately prevent complete support of a comprehensive security program in schools.

Myth No. 1 – Schools with Security Are Like Prisons

The prison mindset is based on the idea that security is all about trying to lock people and assets inside.  From a security point of view, a secured building is more of a fortress rather than a prison.

Our goal for securing a school is to safeguard everyone and everything inside while preventing unauthorized access to the building(s).  We cannot overstate the importance of access control and strict building entrance protocols in order to secure a school. People can leave at any time without issue while entrances are monitored to make sure all access is authorized.

Myth No. 2 – It Will Never Happen Here

It’s unrealistic to believe that bad things only happen to other people in other places. Bad things are likely to happen to good people in small towns just like they happen to people in cities. No one person, school, or community is completely immune to bad things.

Conzer Security considers the full range of criminal risks that schools face from illegal drug distribution, child abduction, and student violence. Surveillance cameras that monitor the inside and outside of a school building can deter some activity and then help to apprehend perpetrators and identify victims.

Thorough planning and the implementation of access control systems and protocols play a big part in preventing criminal activities at our campuses.

Myth No. 3 – My Kid Would Never Do That

We all like to think the best of our children but sometimes they participate in activities because their friends encourage them, or dare them; they want to fit in. Someone has an idea – albeit a bad idea – and the group gets on board. That’s how most school vandalism occurs. Kids might break a window and enter a building, strewing papers, painting lockers, and leaving a trail of damage. Other times it is one child bullying another or a group tormenting another child or group of children.

Parents like to believe that their children would never engage in such behavior and will maintain that position steadfastly. However, when the acts are recorded on surveillance video security cameras, parents cannot deny the evidence. The conversation moves from “he said – she said” to a place where responsibility is put where it belongs and solutions can be found.

No security system can prevent every criminal incident in every situation.  Planning and a comprehensive security system will help prevent a lot of criminal activity and neutralize threats making the investment well worth the cost – especially in schools where we nurture and develop our nation’s future.

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