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Are We Really Moving Forward To Protect Our Schools?

school security assessments conzer security
What Does School Safety Look Like In Your District?

We all know that school safety is on every parent’s mind these days. Are we really moving forward to protect our schools?  We all know that schools are taking some steps to increase safety.  Here are some steps we have seen most schools take:

  • Access control security systems are now present in most schools. Buzzers must be pushed and access is granted on an individual basis at the entrances to a school building.
  • School visitors must sign in at the front of the office, display a visitor’s badge, and be assigned an escort who stays with the visitor while on school property.
  • Alarm systems are becoming more common as well, often connected to the access control security system and the fire alarm system.

While these are all good steps there is so much more to do.  A school safety assessment provides a global view of the vulnerabilities that exist at the school. Where are the gaps in the security?  Here are some examples we have seen:

  • Teachers sometimes put a rock in the door jamb so they don’t have to ring back into the building.
  • Side doors are often left open to allow the custodial staff easier access to the garbage or recycling station.
  • There are blind spots and nooks off of the hallways and understaffs where students can be trapped and bullied.
Why A Safety Assessment Is Essential

Schools need an overall picture that reveals any vulnerabilities and a plan to address them. Many schools are trying to operate with tight budgets.  Having a safety security assessment allows management to take budget constraints into consideration while creating a short and longterm plan.

Of course, many schools are hamstrung by tight budgets.  Still, having the assessment and taking the budget constraints into account will help the school to plan solutions around short-term and long-term goals.  Addressing the vulnerabilities can be accomplished incrementally.

The safety of children and staff must be the top priority for schools in every community. Conzer security professionals can assist you in an assessment of your school’s security vulnerabilities. Contact Conzer Security to help determine vulnerabilities and develop a plan to address them.

Moving Forward To Protect Our Schools

Indiana Congresswoman Susan Brooks is deeply involved in securing our schools and taking a holistic approach to improvements.  She has sponsored bi-partisan legislation that is currently under review. Brooks met with constituents in Anderson earlier this year and spoke about school security making the following points:

  • “Schools are a soft target, we need stronger entry and camera systems at the schools and look for faster ways to alert law enforcement.
  • “The technology is available, but it will take an investment by local property owners and government at all levels”

School security and student safety are paramount in every parent’s mind as each new year rolls around. It is just as likely on the top of minds for educators, administrators, and staff, too. So, as professionals in the security industry, all of us at Conzer Security immediately wonder if there has been a comprehensive school safety assessment made in every school.

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