Sizing Up Risk

Does your stomach take a flip when you begin thinking about how to protect your plant or facility from theft – either physical assets or intellectual property?

It is a huge concern that touches businesses of all sizes and in all industries. If someone isn’t out to actually steal from you, someone else is out there willing to disrupt your business through technology. You know that’s true because you talk to your peers and everyone has a story – or is waiting for their story to unfold.

Security is an integral element of operations

Conzer Security is different in our approach to your protection. We aren’t here with a “package” that gives you x-number of surveillance video security cameras, automatic locks on your doors, and access control systems that are all fitted with some infrastructure and cabling. Every customer has their own unique needs and that’s why we start with a comprehensive risk review of your organization’s problems, needs, and opportunities.  Yes, opportunities.  Our risk analysis includes an assessment of opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed and unrealized.

Conzer Security looks closely at your operations and problems first with an analytic eye. We have the experience in not only cabling and security but in process and system management. We understand that your operations are like no one else’s operations and – most importantly – that every system and process in your business is interconnected and part of the security program.

It’s obvious when inventory shrinkage occurs that there may be a physical security issue. It might not be as obvious when there is malware introduced into your network that impacts the systems on the lines. There is a reason these software parasites are called malware.  Malware will disrupt and possibly cripple your operations.

When there are disruptions – from material quality issues to robotic machine issues – there is a hitch in your production. When there is a production stoppage, time and money is lost – which affects the financial security of the company.

Security is not a commodity. Security tools and equipment are – things like:

To Conzer Security, security is much, much more. In fact, we created Envision, which is a proprietary system and design methodology that uses technology to solve problems – from production to safeguarding your equipment, people, and other assets – and to identify opportunities.

Security is not your problem to figure out

In fact, from our years of experience in this field, we have learned that most owners, managers, and engineers we talk with don’t know exactly what it is they need. They know they have a problem to solve, but aren’t always sure how to even approach it or define it. We do. We are good at listening and watching. We are good at identifying, analyzing and solving these problems and identifying opportunities that may go unnoticed.

Security has to consider budget, too

Because security is part of every aspect of business today, it is never finished. But that’s where Conzer Security is prepared, too. We look at the overall picture and create an implementation plan that meets your needs today and prepares for your needs tomorrow – but we do it with your budget in mind as well.

Here at Conzer, we understand how a business runs – because we are a business, too. We understand budget constraints and setting priorities. We know what it means to get the most impact for the dollar you spend. And it is with that mindset that we develop security plans for the companies we serve.

What’s important to remember is that we see the end goal and the steps and benchmarks to get you from where you are today to where you want or need to be in the future.

Conzer Security is not into installing surveillance video security cameras, getting them focused and walking out the door. We stick around and help you maintain what you have and prepare for the next level. It’s important to your success and we feel that when you succeed, we succeed, too.

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