video surveillance security cameras conzer security

Some Unseen Benefits Of Video Surveillance Security Cameras

video surveillance security cameras conzer security

Security is a business-wide endeavor that includes safety, asset protection, and process improvement. It leverages your people and equipment. A video surveillance security system has so many built-in bonuses for your business. You should be taking advantage of benefits like premium reduction and the reduced effort to process insurance claims.

Some Of Those Unseen Benefits of Surveillance Video Security Cameras

Your Security System Is An Umbrella

Think of security as a broad umbrella of operations that can help your business to grow. It can also help you uncover opportunities that may have gone unnoticed. Conzer follows technological developments and improvements to security and love sharing this information. This allows our customers to focus on what’s important: Running their business.

Our clients are often surprised at how they can leverage their security system for other aspects of their business. Your video surveillance security cameras can help verify the accuracy of a worker’s compensation claim. A video surveillance system may lead to lower premiums for worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

Here are some other ways you can use your video surveillance security system with business operations:

Curtailing Unsafe Activities

Employees are less likely to engage in horseplay and unsafe activities if they know they are being watched. That means less risk of injury and insurance savings.

A Factual Record

Video surveillance security cameras can capture exactly what occurred. This encourages employees to take the extra steps to work within established safety guidelines.

A video surveillance security camera provides a factual point of view. Humans, by nature, try to make sense of what they see. Sometimes that means that they let their determination of what or why something happened to cloud the actual facts. It doesn’t mean they are being untruthful – it is their truth they are sharing. Video surveillance security cameras do not have that human drive to explain, they just record what happened and replay that to you. Facts, with no bias whatsoever.

Just The Facts

A video surveillance security cameras will often provide a broader picture:

  • Did another party instigate an issue?
  • Was someone else also involved in the incident, accident, or theft?
  • Did something happen that made the employee react in a dangerous or unsafe manner?
  • What was going on around the incident?
  • Who, if anyone, deserves blame?

The surveillance security camera video eliminates “he said/she said” scenarios. The recorded footage is also useful for situations that become litigious.

Easy and Quick Access

Interested parties can easily upload and download digital media regardless of their location.

Aligning Perception With Reality

Insurance adjusters and investigators are human. They may form a flawed “mind movie” of the incident they are reviewing. Surveillance video can replace these “mind movies” with hard evidence.

Technological Improvements

Like any tool, It is also important to maintain your video surveillance security cameras on a schedule. You don’t want to discover something wasn’t working when you need it. If you have questions about what the maintenance entails please contact Conzer Security. We will ensure your video surveillance security cameras are working per factory specifications. Our service support and maintenance program will resolve issues before they become problems.

Here are some other points to consider about your video surveillance security equipment:

  • Equipment wears out: Even the best mechanical tool or machine will become obsolete. Security is not a one-and-done-forever project. If your equipment is more than a few years old, it is good practice to review your system to see where it is in its lifespan.
  • Technology advances: You do not need the newest equipment. You do need to be aware that as technology improves your existing equipment marches towards obsolescence.
  • Often the improvements in security technology are in response to new threats. Sometimes this is because “the bad guys” have found a hole in the protection. Even though your system is not showing signs of wear it may no longer be providing full protection.

Give us a call at Conzer Security to help you review and assess your existing security system. We want to help you keep your business safe, secure – and prospering.