The Conzer Security Perspective: Prevention vs. Response

Although security can be a strong element of identifying the culprit in a crime, at Conzer Security we look at ways to prevent the problem in the first place.

Security at your business

One of the issues from a security standpoint is the question of off-hours. For instance, there was a manufacturer who was not having problems with theft in his business, but he discovered that there were on-going drug transactions happening in his parking lot after business hours.

Video surveillance security cameras could be aimed at specific areas to capture the identity of the drug dealers and buyers. While that is obviously a solution that would aid law enforcement, we wanted to take a more robust approach. We wanted to discourage the activity in the area before it escalated into violence, theft, or arson in the area.

Our suggestion was to set up both video surveillance security cameras and motion detectors that would flood the area with light and turn on the sprinklers when dealers and buyers came on the premises.

The solution was not only proactive and preventative in nature, it was easily and affordably implemented.

The morning inspections showed that the motion detectors had been triggered but the debris usually left in the lot became less and less. Video surveillance security cameras showed that it didn’t take long before the drug dealers moved their operations elsewhere.

Conzer Security is very adept at implementing technologically advanced security when it is what is required. As this illustration shows, we are also adept at thinking outside the box to identify solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Again, your unique situation is the impetus for our approach. We want to make your problems go away in the easiest and best way possible.

Security in your schools

When it comes to schools, being in reaction-mode is the most undesirable place for school administrators, because that means something bad has happened. The optimal approach is to be on the offense AND defense. Schools do this by installing:

When you look at that list, it involves keeping a building locked down. Some people look at all the security as creating a prison of sorts. At Conzer Security, we have a little different perspective when it comes to school security. We look at it as creating more of a fortress. We don’t see it as locking people in. We look at as keeping dangerous people out.

That being said, during the 2013-14 school year, 65% of public schools recorded that one or more violent incidents had taken place, amounting to an estimated 757,000 incidents, according to the 2015 Indicators of School Crime and Safety from the Institute of Education Sciences National Center of Education Statistics.

Preventing outsiders from coming into a school building does not prevent violence from occurring within a building. In fact, nothing can prevent 100% of violence from occurring in schools, or anywhere. But by having security systems and equipment in place, schools are able to take actions immediately to quell situations that arise – and be proactive in their approach.

Security is an on-going process for every organization from manufacturers to schools and more. Building a program as a long-term solution is why our clients call Conzer Security. We stay on the cutting edge and bring it to you so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

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