Video Surveillance Can Help Reduce Employee Theft at Your Manufacturing Facility

Most people think inventory loss due to theft only happens in retail businesses, but that’s simply not true. Raw materials and inventory shrinkage are major concerns for manufacturing companies, too. In fact, 20% of every $1 earned by U.S. companies is lost to employee theft, per the American Society of Employers. That can add up to a lot of your company’s profit, walking out the door.

At Conzer Security, Inc., we know you want to trust your employees. Unfortunately, even with the best personnel screening processes, your manufacturing company can still hire dishonest employees who will steal from your company. Stolen items can include finished products, raw materials, tools and hardware, electronics and office equipment, and larger pieces of industrial and commercial equipment. Even employees who are inherently trustworthy will use office copiers for personal use or take office supplies home from time to time. The problem is, once they think they can get away with stealing from you, they’re more likely to become repeat offenders.

How can security cameras reduce theft?
One way you can prevent employee theft is to install security camera or IP video surveillance systems throughout your manufacturing facility. Manufacturing and warehouse facilities are often large buildings that are difficult to adequately secure with personnel alone. Thieves know this and will look for opportunities to rob your company. Visible security cameras can:

  • Deter employee theft. When surveillance equipment is installed in visible locations, employees will realize they’re being watched all the time. Most thieves look for quick and easy ways to steal valuable items. If you make it difficult for them to get away with theft, most employees will be less likely to steal from you. When configuring your video surveillance system, you should install cameras in high-risk areas like production locations, warehouses, distribution centers with loading docks and platforms, and business offices. Also, break rooms, locker areas, entrances and exits, and parking lots are areas to watch for storage and the removal of stolen items.
  • Help you catch dishonest employees. Real time surveillance can help you snag thieves in the act before they get away. Whereas, video recordings can help you and law enforcement identify and catch robbers after the incidence.
  • Provide you with recorded documentation of the incident. If you plan to press charges against the thieves, video recordings can provide you with the needed evidence for your legal case against the perpetuators.

If you want to prevent losses due to theft in your manufacturing facility, you must implement a security plan. As a leader in security cameras, Conzer Security has the knowledge and expertise to configure, install and maintain your manufacturing business’ security system to protect your company’s property. Call us today at 317-580-9460 to set up an appointment to learn how we can help you keep a watchful eye on your manufacturing facility to reduce employee theft. After all, you want to protect your raw materials and inventory, so you can increase your profit.

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