Training, especially in the manufacturing industry, is critical. If training is not effective, almost every aspect of the workplace is affected:

  • Improper implementation of processes produces an environment for bottlenecks, slowing down of lines and workflow
  • Shortcuts and cutting corners can result in defective product and parts that don’t meet quality standards
  • Poor product quality can result in the waste of expensive materials
  • Violating SOPs can create significant safety risks for employees

The general result of training not implemented is a negative impact on safety of employees, quality of product, and delivery and service to customers and loss of profits. In other words, the result is an increase in risk to the company and the decrease in productivity and profitability.

How can security assist you in your training efforts?

You might be asking why anyone at Conzer Security, Inc. would be talking about effective training. Security is not just preventing theft and protecting physical assets like buildings and inventory. Security is also the base foundation of growing and maintaining your manufacturing business operations. Security is about giving you information you need on what’s going on in your business so you can make adjustments and informed decisions.

Training costs your business money – there’s no getting around that and you know it. That’s why you want all your training to be effective. Effective training results in learning. Learning, in the training field, is generally defined as knowledge or skills gained that changes behavior. Any time there is a change in work, training is required. Your training could be:

  • A new process for completing a work task
  • How to safely operate a forklift
  • How to properly handle or treat materials or parts

But if the new information is not implemented by employees – if their behavior does not change – on the work floor or on the production lines, the training is wasted. The result could be costly in accidents, workflow issues, or product quality, shipping or delivery. Follow-up by supervisors to confirm employees are putting training to work is what the training industry suggests. But your supervisors and managers can’t be everywhere all the time to see what is happening.

That’s where security comes in. Security camera systems allow you to monitor performance to make sure SOPs are followed and processes in place are executed properly. It also lets you see that there is a change in behavior – how employees are doing their work. That information gives your managers the opportunity to address gaps in training and employee performance. As I said before, security, including video surveillance, is not just to secure your property and employees, it’s also to protect your business operations, too.

The professionals at Conzer Security have years of experience in the security industry. As the industry has evolved, so has Conzer Security. We’ve got you covered! Contact us today to learn more about how partnering with us will let you rest easy.

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