Who Generates Fear in Schools?

There is a short list of topics that are highly volatile in conversations: politics, religion, money – and children.

Educators know that it’s true about the mother lioness – she’s ferocious. In the case of a lioness, it’s usually a situation where her cub is in physical danger that she becomes ferocious. In the case of human parents and their children, it’s not quite so black and white.

School administrators and educators are challenged by parents with different expectations, perceptions, and demands. And sometimes parents become irate and threaten, or worse, become violent. And sad to say, the incidence of violent outbursts are increasing.

School building security

In the minds of most, school security in the form of cameras and access controls are put in place to protect children and staff from outside intruders and to document behaviors like fighting, bullying, and drug-dealing.

However, the security of the people inside a school also includes the behavior of violent parents. While cameras cannot prevent violent behavior of adults like parents, it can document incidences that get out of hand.

You can search and find all sorts of helpful information online about how parents can help stave off the violence in schools and with their children. But there is little about what to do if a parent gets violent in school.

That does not mean schools can turn a blind eye to the possibility. In fact, schools must be prepared and proactive. They must have a plan in place that will address any situation, including parent violence, to protect the other people in the building.

Principals spend a great deal of time watching and working to prevent problems in their schools. But walking the halls, greeting visitors and monitoring classrooms is not an efficient use of time – principals cannot be everywhere all the time. That’s why cameras are such a valuable tool. Areas of concern can be monitored from one location and the principal is then freed up to attend to other things that require attention – like educating students.

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