training and security systems

Who Wants A Train Wreck?

training and security systems

Training in the workplace, especially in the manufacturing industry, is critical. Ineffective training adversely affects almost every aspect of the workplace:

  • Improper implementation of processes can lead to bottlenecks.  Assembly lines and other operations may run slowly or not at all.
  • Shortcuts and cutting corners may result in defective, poor quality products.
  • Poor product quality can result in the waste of expensive materials
  • Violating standard operating procedures can create significant safety risks for employees

In general, we can say that a poor training program increases the risk to:

  • Employee safety
  • Poor quality
  • Delivery and service delays
  • Loss of profits

How can security assist you in your training efforts?

Why on earth is a security company is blogging about effective training? Security goes well beyond preventing theft and protecting assets. It is the foundation for growing your business operations.  Security systems can provide valuable information on what is going on in your business operation. Information that enables you to make wise decisions.

Training is an overhead expense and is one of the first things to go when tightening the budget. But consider this: Effective training results in learning.  Your employees increase their knowledge and expertise; behaviors change as necessary.

Anytime there is a change in the work environment some training is necessary.  The training might be:

  • A new process for completing a work task
  • Safe practices when operating a forklift
  • Handling materials and parts with due care

You might provide your employees with dozens of hours of training.  If they do not practice what they learned then the training is a wasted investment.  There is an increased risk of accidents, wasted materials, work stoppages, slow and perhaps incorrect shipping and delivery.  Supervisors should follow-up to confirm that the training results in the desired change in behavior. Of course, supervisors and managers cannot be everywhere all of the time.  Ah, but your surveillance video security cameras can be!

Surveillance video security cameras can monitor performance to make sure procedures are followed and processes are correctly executed.  Monitoring the workplace with a video surveillance security camera allows you to verify the desired change in behavior, i.e. how your employees are completing work assignments.   This information provides an opportunity to identify and address gaps in training and employee performance.  So you can see just how valuable a tool your security system can be in your day-to-day business operations.

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