Why Dome Security Cameras Are a Good Choice for Your School’s Surveillance System

Nowadays, K-12 schools face many challenges, such as violence, theft and vandalism. Therefore, security cameras can be an indispensable aid in helping you safeguard your students, staff and visitors, as well as maintain the security of your property and equipment. When designing your school’s video surveillance system, dome cameras are a versatile tool that can be used in many different locations – both inside and outside – of your school building.

Dome cameras get their name from their dome-shaped housing and come in many different styles:

  • Indoor domes
  • Outdoor domes
  • Infrared domes
  • Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) controllable domes
  • Vandal-proof domes

Advantages of Dome Cameras

Dome cameras offer several features that can provide your K-12 school with many security benefits:

  • Versatility in location installation – Dome cameras can be installed inside or outside near entrance/exit doors, so you know who is entering and exiting your school building at all times. Additionally, these cameras are often placed in cafeterias, gymnasiums and hallways to monitor student activity, so the appropriate action can be taken if fights break out, or drug- or gang-related activity is noticed. Dome cameras can also rotate 360 degrees, so you can cover a larger area with less cameras.
  • Unobtrusive, yet noticeable – While dome cameras are a bit harder to spot, they’re not totally invisible. Plus, some dome cameras come with a tinted dome, which makes it more difficult to tell which way the camera is facing. Students, staff and visitors may be less likely to exhibit bad behavior, vandalize school property, or steal if they know they’re being watched. Additionally, students, staff and visitors will feel more at ease knowing your school is protected.
  • Day and night surveillance – Infrared dome cameras can provide your school with protection in any light situation. You don’t have to worry about light being a factor. During the day, the camera uses regular lenses, but at night, the infrared LEDs can create its own light. Your school will be protected 24/7/365. Therefore, if you experience a break-in after hours, you’ll know, and you can take the appropriate action.
  • Durability – Vandal-proof dome cameras are just that – tamper proof. They can’t be shaken loose. They’re difficult to open or readjust. They can withstand blows from a hammer or bat. And, depending on the type of dome camera, the cables are protected, so criminals can’t cut the wires. Since these cameras are often mounted directly to the wall or ceiling, they’re incredibly difficult to knock off. Therefore, you’ll never miss any video footage if someone attempts to tamper with your cameras.

At Conzer Security, we’re experts in security camera systems. Dome cameras are just one of the different types of security cameras we use when we design and install video surveillance systems in Indiana K-12 schools.

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