3 Steps for Proper Placement and Setup of Your Manufacturing Company’s Video Surveillance System

Your manufacturing business is important to you. Therefore, you want to ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible for greater success. But it can be difficult for you or your staff to personally monitor all areas of your facility all the time. This is where a video surveillance system can assist you.

Modern surveillance technology helps you stay on top of various aspects of your business. With strategically placed security cameras, you can:

  • Monitor your facility’s quality control to make your processes faster and more efficient.
  • Ensure workplace safety by monitoring the use of dangerous machinery to protect your employees from injury.
  • Prevent the theft of raw materials, finished products, and/or valuable equipment or supplies.

However, to protect your employees, customers and valuable business assets from costly threats, you must ensure your video surveillance cameras are strategically placed and correctly installed. For this reason, here are some tips to help you properly position and setup your video camera system.

Identify Your Security Needs

The first step in designing your video surveillance system is to determine what your potential security threats are as well as the vulnerable areas in your business. Some of these security risks may include:

  • A lack of 24/7 property surveillance
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Unsecured entry or exit points
  • High neighborhood crime rates
  • Unintentional or malicious interference of production processes
  • Corporate espionage

Since we are a leader in security camera systems, Conzer Security can help you identify your manufacturing company’s specific security risks. We’re experienced in helping manufacturing companies pinpoint the potential hazards to their business and in designing surveillance systems to address their individualized needs.

Determine Appropriate Camera Placement

Before you can install your security cameras, you need to figure out where you’re going to place them for the best coverage based on your security needs. Many manufacturing companies typically install cameras in these locations:

  • Building entrances and exits
  • Reception area
  • Computer server and other technical equipment rooms
  • Manufacturing production lines
  • Warehouses and loading docks
  • Secluded areas
  • Parking lots and walkways

At Conzer Security, we know your manufacturing business has its own unique set of security requirements. We can work with you to determine the right placement for your cameras to meet your specific surveillance needs – whether that’s optimizing your production processes, enhancing your company’s warehousing and logistics, and/or reducing company theft.

Ensure Proper Setup

When you work with Conzer Security, you can ensure your manufacturing company’s video surveillance system is properly installed by security professionals. Otherwise, if you try to install your security cameras yourself or have your employees do the job, you may find your surveillance system isn’t adequately meeting your needs or providing you with the best protection.

Some common setup mistakes we’ve seen made during do-it-yourself installations include:

  • Improper camera placement without a clear view of the monitored area.
  • Cameras located in areas with weak Wi-Fi connection or wireless configuration
  • Not enough surveillance coverage in high-risk areas.
  • No remote access capabilities, so the system can’t be monitored or controlled from anywhere, at any time.
  • Weak or no password protection to prevent cyber attackers from hacking into your cameras.

Therefore, if you want a comprehensive video surveillance system for your manufacturing business, contact Conzer Security at 317-580-9460 to set up a free consultation. When you work with us to design, install and monitor your company’s security camera system, you can rest assured that your building, employees, and materials will be protected – and you can remain competitive in your industry.

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