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The Conzer Security Story

Conzer Security, Inc. has a long and strong history starting well before its date of incorporation in 1999. Founder Dave Conley, a U.S. Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, already had more than 20 years invested in the computer and security industries by that time. He was a part of the birth of the computer age and experienced the massive explosion in availability and development. Dramatic changes moved the industry from security systems based on VCRs and tapes to servers and networks. With a BS in Economics from Indiana State University, Dave knew that computer companies that did not evolve with the technology would soon be out of business. It was in that environment that Dave saw opportunity to use his passion, knowledge, and experience to start Conzer Security, Inc.

In 2005, Dave’s son, Jeremiah Conley, joined the firm. With a BS in Engineering from Purdue University, a JD in Law from Indiana University and his experience in project management, construction, technology, contracts, and intellectual property, he quickly brought a new perspective to the company. Combining the basis of security with engineering, Jeremiah led the development of the Conzer Security proprietary solution, ENVISION, which enables manufacturers and other businesses to “envision” their systems and processes in new ways that improve efficiency and the bottom line. Conzer Security, Inc. provides a greater range of services to its clients that result in including cutting edge technology and its reputation as a leader in the IP revolution.

Conzer Security, Inc. is a family business that has the ability to offer security-based solutions to businesses that want to increase security, efficiency, safety, and profitability. They have a solid understanding of the past history of technology and a grasp of the future digital world. It’s that experience that means you can count on Conzer Security.

Dave Conley, Founder and President
Dave Conley, Founder and President
Jeremiah Conley, COO
Jeremiah Conley, COO

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