Access Control

Access control systems are an easy way to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to your business or facility.

Traditionally, many facilities still use locks and keys to control access. However, keys can be lost or easily duplicated – threatening the security of your building. Access control at entrances and exits eliminates lock and key issues, as well as provides security to sensitive areas within your building.

Conzer Security, Inc. offers the latest access control systems available to meet your various facility access requirements. Since Conzer Security believes flexible solutions provide solid results, we customize our access control systems to fit your needs – whatever the size of your business. As your enterprise grows and your requirements change, our scalable access control solutions mean your business stays protected today and in the future.

Additionally, an access control system enables your business to easily grant access to specific individuals or groups on a limited basis. For example, if you hire temporary employees or contractors, you’ll no longer have to collect keys at the end of their job stint or re-key locks. With access control software, you can simply and efficiently grant or deny them access. This reduces your costs and improves the ROI on your security system.

At Conzer Security, we partner with you to help you choose the right access control solutions to protect your assets and people. From system design to installation and ongoing service, our goal is to make sure we meet your expectations.

Proximity Card and Reader Systems

Proximity card and reader systems make it easy to restrict access to your facility or secured area. Proximity cards or key fobs securely store encrypted information that is transmitted using radio frequency technology (RFID) when the card is waved or tapped in front of the proximity card reader. The transmitted data triggers your access control system to open the door or deny access, depending upon the employee’s access clearance. Proximity cards are user friendly and an efficient way to control access. Plus, the reader can be easily reprogrammed if a card is lost or stolen.

If you’re ready to create a safe work environment that promotes productivity while decreasing your liability, Conzer Security can help you select the best proximity card and reader system for your business. Protect yourself from internal and external threats with this highly effective access control system.

ID Cards and Badges

ID cards and badges help increase trust and security within organizations of all sizes and types. When you require people to wear ID cards or badges, visitors and employees can be distinguished quickly and easily by name, status – employee or visitor, department, employee number, etc.  Not only will your employees feel safer, but you can prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your building or sensitive areas.

When employees forget their ID badges, your security department can easily authenticate their identity by accessing their employee profile in a database. Therefore, security personnel will know instantly whether the person is allowed access into your building or a specific area.

Overall, ID cards and badges will give your organization an image of professionalism and integrity.  Whether you’re a large corporation with hundreds of workers or a small business with a handful employees, Conzer Security has the tools for your employee identification needs, including ID badge software, cards and equipment. With our products, you can create professional, custom ID cards or badges in minutes. Enhance your organization’s security while protecting your assets with an ID card solution from Conzer Security.

Biometric Access Control Systems

At the forefront of security innovation, biometric access control systems are a convenient way to protect your business from unwanted visitors and theft. Biometric access control systems use sophisticated fingerprint, iris, facial, hand, and other biometric identification security technologies to identify an individual before granting or denying them access to your facility. With biometric access control systems, your employees no longer need to use keycodes or access control cards to gain entrance to your business.

Conzer Security installs and maintains a wide variety of biometric security devices to limit access at any of your entry points. If you want peace of mind with your security, Conzer Security can help you choose the right biometric access control system to ensure a safe work environment.

Identity Security

Identity security systems integrate with your video surveillance system. Therefore, you can view video to identify the individual before allowing or denying them access to your facility or secure area. You can even manage your facility remotely over the internet. Simply log on from your office or anywhere – you don’t need a dedicated PC.  Additionally, identity security systems can automatically record video of the access control event for later viewing if you need a record of who tried to access your facility.

Whether you have a small or large access security job, Conzer Security can ease your mind. Our identity security solutions offer your business 24/7 protection, so you’re in complete control.

Automatic Door Locks

Automatic door locks add an increased level of security to your facility since doors lock immediately once closed.  Additionally, your personnel can lock and unlock doors electronically automatically – even if they’re off-site. You can even program certain automatic door locks to lock and unlock at specific times, so your employees don’t have to perform this task manually. Automatic door locks can also be integrated with your access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems, so doors can be locked and unlocked as needed based on the specific situation.

Conzer Security offers a variety of automatic door locks to fit your company’s exact requirements. If you want to protect your residential or commercial building, automatic door locks are convenient solution to managing the entry and exit via your doors.

Lockdown Solutions

During an emergency, such as an active shooter on your property, you want to keep your students, employees and/or visitors safe and secure. With lockdown solutions from Conzer Security, you can activate an emergency lockdown easily with one touch. You don’t have to pull out a checklist and figure out each step required. Once the lockdown system is triggered, doors are locked automatically, access is denied, audio and light alarms are turned on, and employees and emergency personnel are notified. Lockdown solutions enable you to take quick action when every moment counts.

Conzer Security can help you design a lockdown system that suits your school or business – and your budget.

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