Alarm Systems

One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to secure your business or facility is with one or more professionally installed commercial alarm systems.

Conzer Security, Inc. offers the best systems available for a variety of specific uses to provide physical security as well as asset protection. You will have options that are ideal for businesses of all sizes. Based on our belief that Conzer Security creates flexible solutions that provide solid results, your needs drive the system selections and the design of customizable automation solutions to ensure your growing business is secure today and ready for tomorrow, too.

When you work with Conzer Security to protect your assets and people, you become a partner. We bring you a team of professionals that will help you choose the most appropriate alarm systems, automate the systems for ease of use, establish monitoring solutions, and have access to maintenance and warranty services.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system can include a number of devices working together to detect and warn people of the potential of fire or related emergencies. A fire alarm system can include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or temperature sensors that can automatically engage bells, lights or other warnings. Alarms can also be installed for manual alarm activation.

Fire alarm systems can be connected to municipal emergency responders as well as to water sprinkler systems. There are many variables to comply with local governance requirements in addition to your own company policies. Conzer Security can help you navigate the local rules to select the system that best meets your needs.

Security Systems

When your business takes in cash such as a retail or service provider, the potential for being held-up exists. Protect your staff and business with sensors and alarms that are monitored so emergency response services can be notified and dispatched immediately. If your property is accessed after hours by burglars, Conzer Security can provide motion detection and sensors throughout the facility trigger alarms that connects to local emergency respondents as well as notifies you that there is an intruder.

Likewise, if people are in areas that are off-limits, security systems can alert you to their presence. Notification that doors are open or accessed is another way that a security system keeps your people and assets safe.

Environmental Detection Systems

If your business works with materials and products that must be stored within very specific ranges of temperature or humidity, you have a critical need. Not knowing when either falls or rises outside that given range could be a costly experience, even one that could devastate your business. Conzer Security has the expertise to create a secure environment that can be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, even remotely. You can rest assured your assets are being protected day and night from environmental shifts.

Conzer Security can also provide security systems in the case of situations and emergencies such as floods. Flood detection protects your inventory and equipment from extensive damage. Perhaps not as critical, but you can monitor climate, temperature, and lighting, too. You don’t even have to be on the premises; you can access and control it via computers and other devices such as phones and tablets remotely.

Lockdown Solutions

When an alert is triggered, you need a way to secure the premises. That’s when a lockdown solution designed and customized by you and Conzer Security takes care of business. You can identify exactly which doors, and in what sequence, doors get locked. This is especially important in today’s environment of potential active shooters. You have the ability to possibly contain an intruder and protect your employees. Whatever reasons you have to initiate a lockdown, Conzer Security can help you devise a plan and program to make it happen.

 Motion Detectors

You can’t be everywhere at once, especially both inside and around the exterior of your building. One of the first lines of defense to discouraged theft and damage is the motion detector. When there is movement, a motion detector can be programed to turn on a light or set off an alarm. This sudden and unexpected alarm often deters the intruder and sends them off. This is the most common scenario, but with Conzer Security in your corner, motion detectors can be integrated into other systems for even greater security for your people and assets.

Gunfire Detection

The area where you located your business 20 years ago might have been well-lit, safe and secure. But times change and so do many neighborhoods. With custom integration designed by Conzer Security, gunfire detection alerts you to activity around your facility that can be a danger to you or your employees. It can also send you notice that a gun has been used within the facility as well. When the security of your business is in danger, gunfire detection might be just what you need.

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