Conzer is Key in Apartment Building Construction and Security.

Conzer was a welcomed addition to the team for the construction of dual apartment buildings located in Southern Indiana. Since there were two buildings to secure on a single project Conzer needed to install the proper network infrastructure to make sure the cameras could communicate as well as be on the same network. Conzer installed an enterprise level Wi-Fi network to compensate for the level of users on the guest network as well as having the need for a separated business network for the main leasing office.

After the Wi-Fi network was put in place the camera system with motion detection was set up across both buildings. Then we connected all the cameras to an external app for their security personnel and executives. This set up was followed up with training for key personnel so they could not only monitor the security system but also export and send clips when needed.

After the training was finished Conzer also made sure that all computers and phones were set up properly after the Wi-Fi network change over for the next business day. Making sure there was no down time for the staff or the building.

For security’s sake we keep our clients names out of the news but we are happy to report another satisfied customer in our latest Conzer Confidential.

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