ENVISION is a proprietary system created by Conzer Security. ENVISION provides manufacturers and other businesses the tools and processes to secure both assets and people in a way that promotes business development and growth.

In keeping with the Conzer Security notion of Flexible Solutions, Solid Results, ENVISION is a customizable system using technology and products in combination with software to provide analytic data, visual information and automation to decision makers so that they can run their companies efficiently. With greater efficiency comes growth and increased profitability.

Machine Vision

Automation is a key element in manufacturing companies looking to improve profitability and to maintain their competitive edge. Keeping machines running and eliminating shutdowns on lines is critical. With the flexibility of the ENVISION system, machine vision solutions and strategies are tailored to your equipment and production. Machine Vision provides the surveillance information to determine exact causes of problems – or potential problems – that allow executives and managers to step in immediately to schedule effective repairs or maintenance.

The range of solutions vary from simple stand-alone machine vision systems with a single high-speed camera that can be relocated as needed for troubleshooting to a much larger system that is permanently fixed to a given spot to automatically detect and respond to manufacturing issues.

Process Improvement

For those of you looking to increase efficiency and production, the ENVISION system can provide data and information about how processes are currently undertaken and allow for the development of new, streamlined processes. Built into ENVISION is the ability to collect analytic and visual information that documents real data to make definitive and fact-based decisions.

In addition, the data collected through ENVISION provides insight into not just the mechanical machine element of production, but the human element and the actual processes in place. For instance, ENVISION has been used to develop systems that reduce losses discovered in the quality control area that originated in the receipt of damaged raw materials or shipped goods. With ENVISION-developed systems, damaged materials no longer entered the manufacturing process, saving time and cost, as well as improving final product quality rates.

Ergonomics affects profitability and the logistics of work stations, material supply areas, and the human movements are all part of creating positive and productive environments. ENVISION provides the data you need to eliminate factors, steps, and obstacles that reduce efficiency and profitability.

Security Monitor

Another element of ENVISION is the overall integration of security within your facility. Technology allows Conzer Security to provide flexible solutions that give you results that eliminate the need to constantly oversee material supplies and product inventory. No company can have eyes in every corner of their business at all times. ENVISION can include an area security system that combines IP security systems and surveillance with fingerprint identification access control systems that prevent unwanted individuals from gaining access to your company’s inventory or other assets.

Likewise, ENVISION allows management to monitor the application of safety rules and ensure worker performance and compliance with protocols. Once again ENVISION provides the factual data to show the need for re-training or employee remediation.

Conzer Security applies the ENVISION system to every corner of business – machine, process, and human to give you the tools to secure both assets and people while on your path to growth and greater profitability.

Custom Integration and Engineering

While ENVISION may sound like a complex system, Conzer Security is committed to making it user-friendly and convenient for you. The system is developed specifically with your business and your situation in mind. It is the custom integration and engineering that goes into your ENVISION system that fits your company and the business you do. The only thing worse than not having a security or improvement system is having systems that don’t work when and how you need them to work. We believe the system needs to be as easy to use as possible and perform its intended function with the least number of human touches. That is at the core of ENVISION and at the core of custom integration and engineering by Conzer Security, Inc.

ENVISION helps you to see the big picture in your company so you can pay attention to the details to make it run better and be more profitable.

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The Three P’s

Deep understanding of the three P’s – People, Processes, Products – is the key to your company’s success. Organizations miss out on capturing critical information about events that occur throughout their plants on a daily basis. By being able to see what goes on in your operations provides greater insights and allows you to save money, create efficiencies and avoid problems before they happen.
Conzer provides manufacturers with a system called ENVISION, that helps owners, plant managers and security officers with tools to help them improve and protect their operations, assets and their people. Increased operational visibility is critical to driving efficiency throughout your operations and helping your company compete in today’s global world.

Every business and plant is unique. Our system is individually customized to meet your specific needs and to help you achieve your desired goals. No cookie-cutter approach.

To avoid problems, you need to see them

Safeguarding your physical assets and your people are among the highest priority you have. ENVISION helps you see and identify problem areas before they can become big headaches.

  • Identify problem areas before they happen
  • Verify injuries and their causes
  • Troubleshoot equipment to prevent safety hazards

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Advanced protection for your assets and your people

With our sophisticated surveillance system ENVISION, you can keep a watchful eye on your business, inside and out, using advanced technologies in fingerprinting, proximity cards and IP surveillance.

  • Superior clarity and details with IP Surveillance
  • Advanced fingerprint ID access control systems
  • Customized security solutions to address specific needs

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Get 500% – 1,000 in ROI with Conzer.

Business is challenging. Increased competition. Increased costs. Lower margins. Conzer’s ENVISION System combines analytical data with visual data. This gives you the real picture of your plant.

  • Visual and data verifications
  • Material and personal quality control
  • More effective employee training
  • More efficient processes

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