Bullying in schools is a major problem. School administrators, teachers and staff are strong advocates for students being targeted, but it is impossible to have eyes on the entire campus without video surveillance cameras installed. Conzer Security, Inc. is a difference-maker who will help make all students feel safe on school grounds. As a leader in video surveillance and security camera systems, the Conzer team will make all areas of the campus visible for the school staff with a custom video surveillance system that is tailored to the security needs of each school

Every parent knows bullying is a real problem

Bullying happens. We all know it and many of you reading this blog article have experienced bullying. According to the 2013 National Crime Victimization Survey, 27.8% of students ages 12 – 18 reported being bullied. That’s one in every three students in middle schools and high schools alone.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reported in 2011 that 20.1% of students were bullied on school property. Bullying is so extreme that 5.9% of students have stayed away from school at least once because they felt unsafe on their way to and from or at school.

Results from studies of bullying in public schools confirm a need for video surveillance and security camera systems that provide complete campus monitoring:

Of the 27.8% reporting bullying,

  • 64.5% said it was once or twice during the school year
  • 18.5% said once or twice a month
  • 9.2% said one or twice a week
  • 7.8% said almost every day

That means almost one in ten students is being bullied on an ongoing basis… day after day or week after week.  Bullying can be hellish in an environment where a sense of security is critical to learning.  According to a 2004 i-SAFE report, approximately 58% of kids said they did not tell an adult when they were a victim of bullying – almost six out of every ten kids!

According to the Center for Disease Control students who experience bullying have an increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and poor school adjustment. We are all acutely aware and disturbed by the increasingly frequent reports where bullying culminated in a child’s suicide.

What can schools do?

Schools must take steps to ensure all students and teachers know that bullying will not be tolerated and will have serious consequences. Students must feel safe in their learning environment.  However,  there is one significant barrier to preventing bullying:  An adult cannot always be present when a bullying incident occurs.   Bullies don’t victimize others when they know someone will intervene. It happens at lunch, at recess, between classes and on the way to and from school. It is impossible to effectively monitor student safety when there is a large number of students present and only a handful of supervisory staff are present.

Bullying is not gender or age-specific. It can range from physical assault to being called names or being made fun of, or being ostracized by peers.

It is often challenging to get to the facts to prove a bullying incident.  There is a lot of hearsay involved, especially when students who witnessed an episode are afraid of the perpetrator as well. Witnesses may provide input that is biased by friendship loyalty.

School buses are required to have video surveillance cameras installed and the surveillance cameras have been a huge difference maker to reduce altercations on school buses. Bullying events and Fights that break out on school buses are recorded by the surveillance cameras.  The recordings show the exact sequence of events. Administrators, students and parents can see exactly what transpired thanks to the video surveillance cameras installed on the school buses

Students need to feel safe in order to facilitate learning.   A school’s hallways, classrooms, gymnasiums, playgrounds and athletic fields are all far safer when video surveillance and security cameras are installed on campus . Bullies are caught in the act of victimizing other students and are held accountable for their actions when a video surveillance security system is in installed.

Schools are in the business of educating students.  Learning cannot occur if students feel threatened when they are at school.  Bullies must be taught about the serious consequences of their actions; bullying victims need to learn how to report bullying free of intimidation.  A video surveillance and security camera system is a huge difference maker in student’s sense of safety while at school.

When schools have video surveillance security systems in place it facilitates a much better environment for learning.   The video surveillance security system gives administrators a visual record of what occurred in the alleged bullying event.  Discipline can be administered upon verifiable facts rather than hearsay and conflicting stories.   Conzer Security has the technology and experience to help make your school safer for your students. We know that  you will be more effective in dealing with bullying issues and save time in resolving specific situations with our our video surveillance security system in place. Contact us today to find out how we can help.