How Much Does Your Business Benefit from “Best Practices”?

 Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with an article in Security Magazine by Diane Ritchey. It’s from last year, but the premise still fits. In fact, although we hadn’t expressed it in the same way, it very much aligns with the thinking we have toward what we do here at Conzer Security.

In the article Ritchey talks about the use of “best practices” in enterprise, especially the security industry. She says:

“So why share “good practices” versus “best”? Well, if something is a best practice, then every other practice is inferior. But if everyone is doing the same best practice, it leads to conformity. And while a handful of best practices might be applicable universally, what’s considered a best practice in one industry, company, country or corporate culture isn’t necessarily a best practice in another. Can the best practice even be transferred or does it require modification? If it is modified, is it still a best practice?”

Our take on best practices vs. good practices is what is best for one business isn’t always what is best for another. In fact, our practice is, and always has been, readily aligned with her insights when she says:

“Perhaps the most important thing to focus on is what works for an enterprise based on internal rather than external analysis. This means determining the “best fit” and alignment for each individual company given its unique needs, culture and business circumstances. By focusing internally, enterprise security can create overall good and solid practices that are relevant and add value.”

An internal analysis takes precedence over what “everyone else is doing” when it comes to security and process management. The “best fit” for your manufacturing company is what makes YOUR systems and security better. You could be starting the foundation of security with access control systems, alarms, and video surveillance. You might be looking for solutions in the manufacturing processes and systems currently in place in your facility. Either way, the plan developed for you and your business could look very different from the plan for a manufacturing company down the street – because your business needs are different.

Create an environment ripe for development and innovation

The concept of a customized system is the impetus for Envision, Conzer Security’s proprietary system developed to integrate automation, technology and security in to systems to improve profitability and to encourage innovation that leads to a competitive edge.

When an organization tries to adopt “best practices,” they are conforming to an outside standard. Instead, analyzing systems and processes already in place and then finding ways to automate and improve. Opening the opportunity for real development and innovation – breaking new ground that propels your organization to the forefront in your industry.

Conzer Security can help you create that kind of an environment. Security to us is protecting your assets and people, but it is also protecting your ability to develop new ground and grow.

Start with good practices

Ritchey asserts that “good practices” are the starting point and we agree. To us, that says start where you currently are and build from there. The difference at Conzer is that we complete a comprehensive assessment first, create a plan with specific recommendations that has an outlook to the future.

No one ever wants to face a complete replacement for application of future technology. There’s nothing worse than ripping out what already exists to start all over again because of obsolescence or a change in direction. We plan for the future and build a blueprint for tomorrow to lead you where technology is evolving.

When you are ready to move ahead, give me a call at 317-580-9460 and let’s talk. You can count on Conzer Security to always provide Flexible Solutions for Solid Results – we did it yesterday and we will do it today and tomorrow.

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