Security and the Loose Wire

Security and the Loose Wire

There once was this company called CDE Manufacturing. CDE made widgets that were technologically and chemically advanced. The production of the widgets had to be controlled within specific temperature parameters and then the final product inventory had to be held in a tight humidity and temperature controlled environment.

Because the widgets were such a fine feat of engineering and design, the research and development lab as well as the entire premises were maintained under very tight security systems.

The owners and executives spared no expense in installing state of the art access control systems. Proximity cards allowed access into the campus, but biometric systems were utilized to allow only certain people with pre-determined roles the ability to get into various areas in the facility.

Specialized alarm systems and protocols were put in place. Environmental detection systems that monitored temperature and moisture levels were installed as well. Vendors and customers were signed in and out and only allowed access to certain locations.

Video surveillance cameras were installed on the exterior of the building as well as the interior of the warehouse and at all entrances.

CDE Manufacturing felt secure. They had purchased the best, covered all the bases, and felt they were done. For a while everything worked fine. Then, after about 18 months, there began a series of problems. The temperature alarms would be set off in the warehouse. Then the access control system started freezing up for short periods. No one could get in or out outside doors, between departments or into labs.

Suddenly things just didn’t feel quite as secure. Production lines were shut down, shipping and delivery was delayed. In fact, management didn’t know what was going to be locked up or locked out day by day. It was hurting the bottom line and there didn’t seem to be an end to the problems in sight. So they called in a professional security team to help figure out what was going on.

To the team, it was obvious. None of the equipment, lines or systems had been maintained since the day they had been installed:

  • Updates had gone unheeded
  • Dirt, dust, and grime had built up on the servers, cameras and sensors
  • Wires had come loose
  • Insects had taken up residence in tight nooks and crannies

CDE Manufacturing ordered a complete maintenance service on their security system and learned what was causing the headaches that shut them down and cost them time and money: a loose wire that a spider had included in the structure of a web. A small thing that taught a very big lesson:

Security is never a once and done task. Security equipment and systems, just like every other kind of equipment and system must be maintained and serviced.

Here at Conzer Security we make sure that every client understands the on-going nature of security systems. There are three parts to that:

  • We customize your systems and integrate them into your facility. Placement and logistics play a large part in whether or not your system works when you need it most.
  • The preventative maintenance and warranty programs we offer support reliable security systems. We keep equipment, systems, and materials in tip-top shape.
  • We also work with you to design a path to modernization to keep your system and equipment up-to-date so that it continually meets the demands of your business.

Spending a lot of money at one time getting all the bells and whistles does not mean you can put security concerns aside. Work with the professionals at Conzer Security to make sure you are spending your security dollars wisely and are positioning yourself for the future.

We worry about the nuts and bolts of your security so you don’t have to. Let’s talk!

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