The fast pace of technology in commercial security systems Conzer Security

The Dizzying Pace Of Change In Commercial Security

The fast pace of technology in commercial security systems Conzer Security

The Rapid Change In Commercial Security Systems

Technology today is advancing at a dizzying speed. Everything around us is being further enabled and that includes security equipment. If your alarm system is more than three or four years old it would be wise to get an update on recent advancements.

Recent Trends

Here are some highlights of recent technology developments that make alarm monitoring easier than ever for your business.
  • Smartphones and Commercial Security Systems 

    You no longer need to be at your business to view your commercial security system. These days you can access the entire security system using a smartphone or tablet. You can arm or disarm the system and access any cameras at your business within seconds via an internet connection.

  • Modern Security Systems Have Wireless Alarms
    Legacy commercial security systems required drilling into walls. The security system components were all wired together. With wireless security systems, the installation is no longer invasive. Today’s alarms are installed to windows, doors, and walls with double-sided tape. Wires, screws and fasteners are no longer necessary. This development is especially attractive to business owners who rent their space. It takes minutes to remove the alarm system if the business moves to a new location.
  • Touch Screens

    Most commercial security systems today include touch screen keypads. The keypads have a modern look and offer expanded capabilities that legacy systems do not have.

  • Commercial Security System Alarm Automation
    With today’s security systems you can check-in and perform a variety of tasks from a remote location. A smartphone or a tablet makes this unprecedented access possible. Modern systems allow the business owner to set up alerts to signal status changes such as arming/disarming. This feature is especially attractive to business owners and security managers when traveling.
  • Energy-Smart Commercial Security Systems

    Today’s commercial security systems can save on energy expenses. Modern security systems allow owners to manage temperature and lighting to lower costs

What Are Your Needs For A Commercial Security System?
Whether you are looking for a basic commercial security system or a system with the latest bells and whistles, Conzer Security is here to help. We would be happy to schedule a visit to discuss these new trends and your own commercial security needs. Give Conzer Security a call at 317-580-9460

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