Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems help protect your employees, visitors, and property while deterring crime.  

A video surveillance system uses security cameras and servers to monitor and record activity in and around your business, as well as to monitor the behaviors of your employees and customers. A video surveillance system enables you to use this information to keep tabs on remote business locations, manage your employees, safeguard your assets, and identify suspicious people who may be engaged in a crime while on your property.

If you’re considering installing a new video surveillance system or upgrading your old system, Conzer Security, Inc. is the leader in professionally installed video surveillance systems. We offer the latest technologies in security camera systems, IP surveillance systems, and data and video analytics. Whether your business is small, medium or large, we customize our video surveillance solutions to meet your current and future needs so your business stays protected.

Just know that as your partner, Conzer Security has the experience and expertise to help lead you to flexible solutions that provide solid results for your enterprise. From system design to installation to ongoing maintenance, our goal is to make sure we meet your expectations.

Security Camera Systems

If you want to protect your business while reducing theft – but cost is an issue, a security camera system, also known as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, may be the video surveillance solution for you. A security camera system uses analog security cameras to record video via wired or wireless connections. You can watch the video on a monitor in real time and have it digitized and stored on a DVR or hard drive for later viewing and use.

Security camera systems can help you feel safe while giving you peace of mind. Not only have security camera systems been proven to reduce the crime rate, they can deter would-be criminals just by being visible in and around your business. And security camera video can be used as evidence if you decide to take action against criminals.

Conzer Security is the leader in professionally installed security camera systems. If you’re looking for an affordable security camera option, let our security camera experts help design a new security camera system for your business. Or, we can add camera equipment to your existing security camera system. Whatever your security camera needs, we can help find the right solution for your business.

Video Analytics

Having a security guard or system manager watch hours of live surveillance video in the hopes of catching a particular incident is neither practical or efficient. With Video Analytics or Video Automatic Incident Detection, computer software can monitor your surveillance camera video, in real time, to catch specific activity based on pre-set parameters. For example, if you want to monitor unauthorized activity after closing hours at your business, you can program your surveillance system software for this task. If your video surveillance system detects motion within your business after hours, the system will notify you, so you can take immediate action.

By using video analytics, you can improve the workload efficiencies of your security and management staff – and make your IP surveillance system do the work for you. Your staff no longer has to sift through mounds and mounds of data to find the one relevant piece you need. Video analytics is a revolutionary tool in your security system arsenal.

Conzer Security can help you learn more about video analytics and help you select the right software for your surveillance needs.

IP Surveillance Systems

Resolution quality is often the reason why businesses choose IP surveillance system solutions. If you want to deter crime and/or take the appropriate action once a crime has been committed, you need to be able to identify the perpetrator. IP surveillance cameras provide high-quality video that enables facial recognition, license plate recognition, and the ability to zoom in on activities at extended distances. IP surveillance systems can also be used in non-security applications to increase productivity and customer service, while improving work-flow processes and safety procedures.

Like analog security cameras, IP surveillance cameras record analog images, however the camera internally converts and compresses the images to digital immediately. The video is streamed over an IP network, which provides more flexibility in how and where the video is recorded. You can view video footage from anywhere, on any device – even your smart phone or tablet. Or, the video can be stored on a server for later viewing and use.

Conzer Security is the leader in professionally installed security camera systems. If you’re considering the installation of a new IP surveillance system or upgrading your old system, Conzer Security can accurately assess your needs and develop an installation plan within your budget. From security to productivity applications, IP surveillance systems offer your business many possibilities.

Remote Video Monitoring

If your business lacks the time and resources to sufficiently monitor your video surveillance, Conzer Security can help. We can proactively monitor your business – inside and outside – to help prevent crime before it happens. Our highly-trained employees can watch your video surveillance feed in real time. If they detect suspicious activity, they can contact you, your on-site guards, and the police immediately.

Remote video monitoring can augment your on-site guard protection, so your business can employ fewer guards. Your guards will no longer be stuck in front of a monitor display instead of actively guarding your property. Our remote video monitoring employees can watch the monitors instead. When suspicious activity is detected or problems occur, our employees can contact and deploy your security guards to the trouble spots for immediate attention.

Additionally, remote video monitoring can thwart potential criminals. When thieves scope out a location prior to committing a crime, they may identify potential patterns in your security guards’ actions. Therefore, while your security guards are checking out one area of your business, the criminals will attempt to gain access to another area. However, with our cameras, your property is constantly and completely being monitored remotely. The crooks will always be noticed and with our remote video monitoring, your security guards will be redirected to catch the offenders.

Remote video monitoring provides your company with a cost-effective solution for your video surveillance needs. Talk to Conzer Security for more information about remote video monitoring solutions for your business.

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