Talk about security in the manufacturing industry and the first thing your mind probably conjures up is video surveillance camera security systems for video surveillance, access control solutions and identity security and badge systems. Yes, Conzer Security does provide all those security solutions – and more. But the security you don’t think about is one that can IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE and secure the future of your business.

Video Surveillance Camera Security applied to Process Improvement and Problem Solving

That kind of security comes from Conzer Security, Inc. applications like machine vision, video analytics automation and process improvement systems. These systems help you to isolate and identify the causes of the bottlenecks and breakdowns that slow or stop the work flow or can pinpoint where a defect is occurring in the process or machining.

With our understanding and foundation in engineering we can take video surveillance camera technology to the level that supports production operations. With visual information collected by video surveillance cameras focused on robots and machines on the floor, and concise analytic data, your managers and executives can step in quickly and efficiently to make corrections and changes.

For example, when a product defect is not identified until a final quality check, the quality of all the product in a run is called into question. If you have the ability to isolate the origin of the defect, the exact moment when it occurs on the production line, corrections and repairs, if needed, can be made immediately. Consider what that means: a reduction in wasted material, fewer and shorter work stoppages and a decrease in wasted man hours.

Video Surveillance Camera Security Systems applied to Continuous Improvement

Of course, the Conzer vision of this kind of security is not just applicable to problem situations, but also to implementing improvements. You know that wasted material and manpower; both steps and effort, reduce efficiency and therefore, productivity. With an eye to improving workflows, video surveillance cameras and process analytics provide data to management. A detailed study identifies areas for improvement.

  • Can extra steps taken by workers be eliminated?
  • Is the technician not following procedures?
  • Will changing the angle of a work station change the range of motion for the technician?
  • Is the speed and tooling of a machine optimized?

To the general eye it could only be fractions of a second or a slight decrease in human effort, but those fractions add up to a manufacturer – and cost time and money.

Zero inventory and working on a just-in-time basis is a sweet dream. Shortening lead-times and achieving a 100% rate of delivery compliance may be more realistic. With Conzer Security’s video  surveillance camera system you have tools that will move you closer to the dream than ever before. Reducing waste and improving efficiency means shrinking lead-times and making on-time or ahead-of-time deliveries possible – and that leads to happy customers.

And you know what it means when your customers are happy – it’s just like when Mama’s happy – everyone is happy.

Our customized wireless video surveillance system works wherever you are.



IP video surveillance cameras are radically changing perceptions and capabilities of video surveillance and security. IP video surveillance cameras provide the ability to dramatically increase resolution. What does this mean? This means that you can look at substantially larger areas and still get the detail you need. More clarity and detail is never a bad thing.

Another advantage of IP video surveillance camera security systems is the ability to leverage existing infrastructure and support. The deployment of an IP video camera surveillance security system will fit right into your existing network and integrate with your IT support organization. This allows the video surveillance camera application to be managed like any other and reduces the integration curve and support challenges.

An IP video surveillance camera security system can also use the same hardware and servers that you currently use so that they can be physically supported the same way your other servers are. However, IP video surveillance camera security systems demand greater consideration and planning than do an analog system since you will be significantly impacting your network.

Count on Conzer Security for the right wireless video surveillanace camera system solution.

The company was founded in the network and server business and unlike many of our competitors who came from the Alarm and Lock World, we have an extensive knowledge of the network business. We possess the expertise required to successfully design video surveillance camera security systems which will impact and reside on a network. This and the quality of our service is why we are different: when video surveillance camera security systems went digital and began to reside on servers and networks, we were uniquely positioned to open a new division to provide solutions in the video surveillance camera security arena.

Please give us a call or send us an email to discover the difference. Let us be your partner to help guide you to the right solution.